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All local full-time degree and sub-degree students (For needy postgraduates, they may be considered for The Croucher Foundation Fund for Students with Emergency Needs.) facing dire financial difficulties caused by recent  unforeseen circumstances such as sudden unemployment/serious illness/accident/death of the sole breadwinner of the family, natural or man-made disaster, etc. at any time of the academic year, may apply for emergency financial assistance.

Source of Funds

Available funds donated by philanthropists are:

Hong Kong Rotary Club Students’ Loan Fund
√ Ng Wing Hong Bursary
√ The Croucher Foundation Fund for Students with Emergency Needs
√ The Winsor Education Foundation Students' Interest-Free Loans
√ Vitasoy International Holding Ltd. Education Foundation Bursary

Form and Level of Assistance

Successful applicants will be offered either grant (助學金) (no repayment needed) or interest-free loan (免息貸款), or a combination of both to tide the emergency need over. The level of assistance depends on the stipulation of available fund and the impact of the sudden changes on the level of family support to the student.

Application Procedure

Eligible students can draw a reference from the following procedures and the “Workflow for Applicant:

(1) Read the Notes to Applicants on page 4 of the Application Form for details;
(2) contact the SAO at Room QT308, 3/F (Entrance at Core T) or call 2766 5419 for initial advice;
(3) download the Application Form for completion and submission (together with the required documents) in person to SAO at Room QT308, 3/F, or, by online application via the Scholarship and Financial Assistance System (SFAS);
(4) interview with staff of the SAO for need assessment;
(5) submit further information/documents to support the application, if required; and
(6) informed by SAO of the application result (successful or not) and the payment arrangement (if any).

Documents required

(1) Completed Application Form (hardcopy or online)
(2) a copy of your completed e-application form for 2021/22 TSFS (full version) as submitted to the government Student Finance Office (SFO), if any;
(3) copies of income proofs of ALL your working household members for the recent three months;
(4) copies of bank accounts of ALL your household members for the recent three months; and
(5) any relevant documents supporting your application as mentioned on Part D of the Application Form.

If you cannot provide any of the above documents, you can still apply for this Scheme provided that you can provide acceptable information to justify your emergency need caused by recent unforeseen circumstances.