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PolyU offers research postgraduate degree programmes to nurture talents across disciplines. Research Studentships is awarded on the basis of academic merit.

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World-class postgraduate research education

PolyU’s broad range of courses cover more than 150 postgraduate and undergraduate programmes ranging from undergraduate to taught and postgraduate research and further. PolyU offers a wide variety of world-class postgraduate research programmes from 6 Faculties and 2 Schools. Our research students from all over the world receive trainings in different fields including applied sciences and textiles, business, construction and environment, design, engineering, health and social sciences, hotel and tourism management and humanities. Our research graduates are making contributions to the society worldwide and teaching in universities or schools, conducting research in institutes, working in industries, financial firms and investment banks, governments, hospitals, consultant companies, real estate or social agencies, etc.

Study and Conduct Research along with Brilliant Minds and Innovators

PolyU commits to research excellence and addresses global challenges with practical innovation. Our commitment to interdisciplinary research has led to innovative discoveries for a more sustainable tomorrow and we are also committed to the scholarly excellence and success of our postgraduate research students. We invest significantly to provide our students with high-quality educational experience and professional development.

Our premise of innovation is for greater social good. From awesome breakthroughs to scientific discoveries, our research seeks to expand human knowledge, address societal needs and make a positive impact on the world around us. Our on-campus research programmes are widely supported by government and research funding units.

We treasure the national and international collaborations to enhance the research capability and achievements of our researchers and research postgraduate students.

There are two types of research postgraduate programmes, i.e., Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes). Under our outcome-based framework, research postgraduate students pursue a series of compulsory and elective subjects in-depth, with a view to contributing to the existing body of knowledge, as well as a research project under the supervision of an experienced academic staff member with similar research interests.

PolyU offers Research Studentships to full-time PhD and MPhil students. The Studentship is a scholarship intended as a means of financial support to allow full-time research postgraduate students to fully focus on their studies. It is awarded on the basis of academic merit.

Graduate School Establishment

The Graduate School was established in 2020 to formulate strategies and policies to ensure a coherent, efficient and forward-looking approach to research postgraduate education. Partnering with faculties and departments, the Graduate School facilitates educational and training activities to ensure a holistic educational experience for research postgraduate students and represent PolyU in research postgraduate education in all outreach activities.