PolyU has always put great emphasis on the whole-person development of students and provides opportunities for outstanding students and those with special talents through various admission schemes.


The PolyU Entry Scholarship Award Ceremony 2022 was held on 21 September 2022. Over 500 students from nine faculties and schools were awarded entry scholarships, recognising their outstanding performance in academic and non-academic pursuits.


In addition, the University has recently established the “Special Talents Admission and Recognition Scheme” (STARS) to acknowledge students with special talents in sports, arts and culture, leadership and community services, and STEM. This year, a total of 17 talented students won the STARS Scholarships.


Congratulations to every one of our entry scholarship awardees! We hope they will enjoy their life at PolyU in the next few years and make remarkable contributions to society after graduation, living up to the University’s motto, “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”.


Please click here for the list of awardees.