The School of Hotel and Tourism Management at PolyU hosted the Greek Gastronomy and Diet Conference on 15 February 2022 to kick off the Greek Gastronomy and Diet Festival 2022. About 400 people joined the online conference from Hong Kong, Greece and other parts of the world.


The gastronomy of Greece, with more than 4,000 years of culinary traditions, is rich in authentic flavours and aromas and its recipes are based on fresh ingredients from the land or the sea, locally sourced and in season. The world-famous Greek olive oil also makes many signature dishes.


The half-day Conference covered a bundle of interesting topics about the culture of Greek gastronomy - Healthy Eating and Greek Food; Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Greek Dairy Products: Greek Yogurt and Cheeses; and Greek Wine and Beer.


Highlights of the Festival also include four masterclasses focussing on dairy products, olive oil, wine and beer, all from Greece. Details of the masterclasses will be announced soon. Stay tuned!


Those who missed the Conference can replay the video here.