Service-Learning Subjects on Offer

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Service-Learning Subjects on Offer in Semester 2, 2017-18
Subject Code Subject Title Hosting Department Subject Leader Subject Information
ABCT2S01 Educating Rural Farmers on Healthier Food Production ABCT Gilbert Chan
AF3S01 Service-Learning: Financial Literacy for Low-income Youth in Hong Kong AF Derek Yim
AP2S01 Enhancing Scientific Literacy through Daily Physics  AP Dennis Leung
APSS2S03 Understanding Learning Difficulties APSS Alice Lai
APSS2S05 Promotion of Children and Adolescent Development APSS Yammy Chak
Lu Yu
APSS2S06 Striving for a Sustainable Livelihood in Guangdong APSS Sik-Chung Yeung
APSS2S09 Service Leadership through Serving Children and Families with Special Needs APSS Cecilia Ma
BME2S03 Reducing the Scientific Divide in Secondary Students through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Projects BME Hin-Chung Lau
BME3S02 Assistive Technologies: Service learning towards the elderly and disabled BME Eric Tam
BSE2S01 Science for Healthy and Sustainable Living Environments BSE K.W. Mui
BSE3S02 Living Environment for Low-income Communities in Developing Regions BSE K.W. Mui pdf
CBS2S02 Service-Learning - Preserving Cultural Heritage for Ethnic Minorities in Contemporary China CBS Churen Huang
CBS2S03 Language Arts for Community Projects: Teaching Chinese as a service learning experience CBS Karen Lau pdf
CBS2S05 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in Local Schools CBS David Yuen
CBS3S01 Service Learning through Helping Primary Students with Specific Reading Difficulties CBS Man-Tak Leung
COMP2S01 Technology Beyond Borders: Service Learning across Cultural, Ethnic and Community Lines COMP Grace Ngai pdf
CSE3S01 Built Environment Enhancement for Underprivileged Communities CEE Barbara Siu
ELC2S02 Serving the Community through Teaching English ELC Anna Ho pdf
GEC2S01 Social Poverty in Developing Countries GEC Kam-Por Yu pdf
HTM2S01 Ecotourism in Rural and Developing Regions SHTM Alan Wong pdf
HTM3801 Community Tourism: Tour, Training, Operator, and Event from and for the Community SHTM Barry Mak pdf
ISE2S02 Comprehending and Overcoming Learning Hurdles in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) for Local Schools ISE C.Y. Tang
ISE3S01 Engineering for the Needy ISE C.Y. Tang
ITC2S02 Community engagement through expressive textile arts and fashion ITC Jin Lam
LSGI2S02 Navigating Ethnic Minorities LSGI Joseph Lam
LSGI2S03 Land and Resource Management for Sustainable Development in Rural Area LSGI Joseph Lam pdf
ME3S01 Engineering Design for the Community ME Chun-Wah Leung
RS2S02 Inter-professional Health Promotion & Rehabilitation Services in Hong Kong RS Grace Szeto
RS3S01 Serving people with special healthcare needs in the Chinese Mainland RS Grace Szeto
SD2S02 Communication Design for Sharing and Inheritance - ‘The Book of Life’ SD Ho-Yin Fung
SN2S01 Collaborative Care in School Health and Safety SN Cynthia Wu
SN2S03 Healthy Lifestyle Challenges for Developing Communities SN Ellen Ku
Phyllis Pang
SN2S04 Mentoring Health Ambassadors for School Communities SN Regina Lee
SO2S01 Learning through Providing Eye Care and Vision Health to the Community SO Henry Chan
Chi-Wai Do

PolyU Community Service Fund

The PolyU Community Service Fund (the Fund) was set up in January 2013 to support servicing initiatives by its staff and students. The Fund is now open for application:

  Service-Learning (SL) Initiatives Who can apply Guidelines for Application
a Credit-bearing SL projects All full-time staff involved in teaching SL subjects CSF Guidelines for Application 2017-18 (Credit-bearing SL Projects)
b Non-credit-bearing SL pilot projects All full-time staff CSF Guidelines for Application 2017-18 (Other Service-Learning Initiatives)
c Development of new mainland and international SL subjects
d Development of new mainland and international theme-based SL programs All full-time staff involved in teaching SL subjects
e Projects enhancing the teaching and learning of SL

All academic and non-academic units can apply. The deadline is 20 October, 2017.


Guidelines for Application (Credit-bearing SL projects)
Guidelines for Application (Other Service-Learning Initiatives)
Funding Guidelines
Application Form
Policy Guidelines for Projects Supported by PolyU Community Service Fund
Form 1 – Completion Report Form
Form 2 – Progress Report Form
Form 3 – Application for Extension of Project Period


Chairman: Vice President (Student and Global Affairs)
Prof. Angelina Yuen
Vice Chairman: Deputy President and Provost or his/her delegate
Prof. Daniel Shek, AVP(UP)
Members: A senior staff member overseeing service-learning matters
Dr. Stephen Chan, Head, OSL
Two academic staff members, appointed by the Chairman
Prof. Esmond Mok, Dean of Students
Prof. Cecilia Li, Professor, RS
Dr. Barry Mak, Associate Professor, SHTM
Dr. Wong Ling-tim, Associate Professor, BSE (1 April 2017 - 31 March 2018)
A member of staff from the Alumni Affairs and Development Office, appointed by the Director of Alumni Affairs and Development
Ms. Irene Chan, Manager (Special Projects), AADO
Secretary: A member of staff from the Office of Service-Learning, appointed by the Head of Office of Service-Learning
Miss Alison Ip, Service-Learning Officer, OSL



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