FAQs on Service-Learning subjects in the time of novel coronavirus
Helen Zhang,, Year 1, Department of Logistic & Maritime Studies (LSGI 2S01)

“Through this service-learning project, I learned how to treat the world softer. Besides donation, there are many other things I can do to help people in need. I will participate in more volunteering activities in the near future and apply the skills I learnt from this subject.”

Leung Lok Yan, Year 1, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

“Through interviews, I found that the lives of the elderly are boring; their only satisfaction comes from visiting the temple once a week. Actually, there are lots of activities that can be arranged for them. However, due to the lack of resources and expertise, it is yet to be possible. I really hope that, as a future Occupational Therapist, I can contribute to resolving their predicament.”

Billy Ng, Year 1, Computing (COMP 3911)

“ It was my first time to Africa.

It was my first time to speak English with foreign people every day.

It was my first time to read the history of Rwanda.

It was my first time to attend a special wedding ceremony in Rwanda.

It was my first time to teach a lot of adults in English.

It was my first time to feel the real love in a foreign country.

It was my first time to be proud of the things I have done. ”


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