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Approved Subjects - Faculty of Construction and Environment (FCE)

Department Subject Code Subject Title Subject Leader
BRE BRE2S01 Housing for the Community Barbara Leung
BRE BRE2S02 Social Justice in Private Housing Redevelopment King-fai Man
BSE BSE2S01 Science for Healthy and Sustainable Living Environments K.W. Mui
BSE BSE3S02 Living Environment for Low-income Communities in Developing Regions K.W. Mui
CEE CSE2S02 Serving Disadvantaged Communities Suffering from Urban Decay CL Kwan
CEE CSE3S01 Built Environment Enhancement for Underprivileged Communities Barbara Siu
LSGI LSGI2S02 Navigating Ethnic Minorities Joseph Lam
Xintao Liu
Wei Yao
LSGI LSGI2S03 Land and Resource Management for Sustainable Development in Rural Area Joseph Lam



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