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Approved Subjects - Faculty of Health and Social Sciences (FHSS)

Department Subject Code Subject Title Subject Leader
APSS APSS2S03 Understanding Learning Difficulties Herrick Wong
APSS APSS2S04 Understanding Children in Poverty in Hong Kong Chi-yuen Leung
APSS APSS2S05 Promotion of Children and Adolescent Development Li Lin
Lu Yu
APSS APSS2S06 Striving for a Sustainable Livelihood in Guangdong Sik-chung Yeung
APSS APSS2S07 You can Make a Difference to our Planet Kaxton Siu
APSS APSS2S08 Servicing School Dropouts (Sunset) Stella Wong
Service Leadership through Serving Children and Families with Special Needs Xiang Li
APSS APSS2S11 Social Poverty in Developing Countries Ben Ku
APSS APSS3S01 Community Psychology Kevin Chan
APSS APSS3S02 Engaging with Diversity TBC
APSS APSS3S10 Growing Resilience of Children in Post-Disaster Contexts Timothy Sim
RS RS2S02 Inter-professional Health Promotion & Rehabilitation Services in Hong Kong Wayne Chan &
Jessica Rauszen
RS RS3S01 Serving people with special healthcare needs in the Chinese Mainland Grace Szeto
RS RS4280 Enabling Occupation in Home and Community Practice Tony Wong
SN SN2S01 Collaborative Care in School Health and Safety Cynthia Wu
Healthy Lifestyle Challenges for Developing Communities Ellen Ku &
Phyllis Pang
SN SN2S04 Mentoring Health Ambassadors for School Communities Shirley Lo &
Annie Yip
SN SN2S05 Engaging in Workforce Health for Health Care Workers at Nursing Homes Kin Cheung
SN SN3S02 Promotion of Healthy Ageing in the Community (Sunset) Thomas Choi
SO SO2S01 Learning through Providing Eye Care and Vision Health to the Community Henry Chan &
Chi-wai Do
SO SO4037
(Formerly SO4006, changed in Apr 2018)
Public Health Optometry Patrick Ting



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