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Approved Subjects - Faculty of Humanities (FH)

Department Subject Code Subject Title Subject Leader
CBS CBS2S02 Service-Learning - Preserving Cultural Heritage for Ethnic Minorities in Contemporary China Churen Huang
CSB CBS2S03 Language Arts for Community Projects: Teaching Chinese as a service learning experience Xinhua Zhu
CBS CBS2S05 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in Local Schools David Yuen
CBS CBS3S01 Service Learning through Helping Primary Students with Specific Reading Difficulties Leung Man-tak
CBS CBS3S04 Enhancing Biliteracy & Trilingualism through Language Service Shui-duen Chan
CC CC2S01P Appreciating and Applying Chinese Literary Masterpieces in Modern Daily Life Shuk-man Leung
ELC ELC2S02 Serving the Community through Teaching English Anna Ho
ELC ELC2S03 Persuasive Digital Storytelling: Small Charities Big Impacts Anna Ho
ENGL ENGL2S01 Language Arts for Creative Community Projects Marvin Lam
ENGL ENGL3018 Teaching English as a Service Learning Experience Victor Ho
ENGL ENGL3026 Empowering Teenagers through Teaching Workplace English Phoebe Lin
GEC GEC2S01 Social Poverty in Developing Countries Kam-por Yu



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