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The Service-Learning and Leadership Office (SLLO) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is pleased to announce the International Symposium and Expo on Service-Learning and Socially Responsible Global Citizenship, to be held online on July 9-10, 2021.

2020 has been tough for all of us. COVID-19 forced us to do social distancing and put lots of us into lockdown. This forced us to change how we usually go serving the community. The challenges that COVID-19 brought about also forced us to clarify our beliefs. For many of us, however, it reiterated the necessity of serving and strengthened our determination to serve.

Reflecting on the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, one key lesson we have learned is that creative, caring, inclusive and regular communication between different partners can lead to an improved understanding of individual responsibility. It can also foster a greater capacity to adopt “the new normal”. Learning about how others have adjusted and adapted their practices and learning can be a steppingstone to a “new future”, with far-reaching potentials for benefitting the community at large and reaching out to the most excluded ones, both right now and in the future beyond COVID-19.

We want to know how you have coped during COVID-19. Through this online Symposium and Expo, we target to provide spaces for like-minded colleagues to share their research, practices, expertise and new ideas related to Service-Learning (SL) and Socially Responsible Global Citizenship (SRGC). All ideas are welcomed, and in particular, we want to know how you have adapted to the “new normal”.

Important Dates (in Hong Kong Time)

Submission deadline: 7 May 2021
Notification of acceptance: 28 May 2021
Final submission: 11 June 2021
International Symposium and Expo: 9-10 July 2021
Post-event exhibition: July 2021 – Jan 2022

We invite submissions addressing:

  • research works focusing on Service-Learning/Socially Responsible Global Citizenship
  • practices/new ideas in designing, delivering, and assessing Service-Learning/Socially Responsible Global Citizenship projects
  • Service-Learning/Civic Engagement ideas or projects that address the “new normal”, especially those focusing on virtual civic engagement
  • research products to address social needs or with potential to benefit the community at large

Presentation Format
The Symposium and Expo will offer several different modes of presentation:

  1. e-Poster
  2. Video / Narrated PowerPoint (maximum 5 minutes)
  3. Interactive Workshop (maximum 30 minutes)

Submission Requirements

  1. e-Poster
    A proposal of at most 1,000 words in English with the following information:
    • •  Title of the poster (max. 15 words)
    • •  Author(s) (name, job title, department, affiliation, email address)
    • •  An abstract (approx. 200 words) providing a description, a summary, or an outline of the submission
    • •  Keywords: 3-5 words
    • •  Background/Introduction
    • •  Theoretical framework/Literature review
    • •  Methods/Analysis
    • •  Results and discussion
    • •  Conclusions and contributions to theory or practice
    • •  References (up to 10)
    • •  Acknowledgments (if applicable)

    Download the template of proposal

    Final poster submission 
    • •  e-Poster should be in PNG or JPG format.
    • •  Dimension: 1000px (width) x 600px (height)
    • •  Maximum file size is 3MB and no transparent background will be accepted. 
    • •  The top of the poster should display the title, and details of the author(s) (name, department, affiliation). 
    • •  There will be synchronous sessions arranged for presenters to interact virtually with attendees.
  2. Video Presentation
    A written abstract in English with the following information:
    • •  Title of the video (max. 15 words) 
    • •  Presenter(s) (name, job title, department, affiliation, email address) 
    • •  Keywords: 3-5 words 
    • •  An abstract (approx. 400 words) provides a description, summary, or logline for the video 
    • •  References (if applicable) 
    • •  Acknowledgments (if applicable) 

    Download the template of video abstract

    Final poster submission 
    • •  A narrated PowerPoint video or a short movie with maximum file size 200MB.
    • •  A title slide at the beginning with the title, and details of the author(s) (name, department, affiliation)
    • •  Video resolution should be 1080p (1920 x 1080) or 720p (1280 x 720), and video length is maximum 5 minutes.
    • •  Upload the video file in a .mp4 format to a designated platform we provide (the link will be announced with the acceptance result).
  3. Interactive Workshop
    A proposal of at most 1,000 words in English with the following information: 
    • •  Title of the workshop 
    • •  Presenter(s) (name, job title, department, affiliation, email address) 
    • •  Theme of the workshop 
    • •  An abstract (approx. 200 words) describes the major intended learning outcomes and significance of the theme/topic  
    • •  Target participants and the estimated number of participants 
    • •  Description of the workshop format, including the workshop flow, roles of the presenter(s) and participants, what activities to engage participants and/or how participants will learn  
    • •  Track record/prior experience of the presenter(s) 

    Download the template of proposal

    Final poster submission 
    • •  A final workshop session plan and a short bio of the main presenter should be submitted for uploading to the official website.

Link for Submissions


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