Leadership Academy for Responsible Global Citizenship

East Africa .Hong Kong .Thailand

The Leadership Academy for Responsible Global Citizenship (LARGC), organized by the Service-Learning and Leadership Office (SLLO), aspires to be a pioneering platform supporting international education, research and exchange for global citizenship and leadership development. This platform offers solid training for students on civic responsibility and leadership through PolyU’s well-structured service-learning and leadership programmes in a cross-cultural and boundary-crossing setting.  In 2020-21, LARGC will be launching three local and international programmes with a number of credit-bearing service-learning programmes in Hong Kong, Thailand, and East Africa, with universities from around the world.


Two ONLINE information sessions have been scheduled to give you more about LARGC on
(1) 21 September 2020 (Mon) at 15:30-16:30; and
(2) 22 September 2020 (Tue) at 18:30-19:30.


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