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Global Leadership and Civic Engagement (GLCE) Exchange Programme 2020

Global Leadership and Civic Engagement Exchange Programme (GLCE) is funded by the Lee Hysan Foundation. It aims to provide scholarship for students of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) to engage in service-learning (SL) exchange or internship at a recognised overseas university.

PolyU full-time undergraduate students who have passed a credit-bearing SL subject are eligible to apply. Successful applicants can:

✓ immerse in the multi-culturalenvironment
✓ attend the program tailor-made by the renowned U.S. universities
✓ work in non-profit organizations(NGOs) in the U.S.
✓ learn new insights of social justice, leadership and civic engagement

AND… basic expenses (e.g. visa, travel, program fee, accommodation and board) will be covered by the scholarship!

The programme has been suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic. The call for applications for 2021 will be announced in January 2021. 

Enquiry: Tel: 3400 3410   Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   



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