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Cambodia Summer School

To nurture ethical leaders of tomorrow with a strong sense of responsibility to the community, as well as a global outlook, PolyU introduced the Leadership & Intra-Personal Development and Service-Learning components to all 4 Year Undergraduate students. This one-month Cambodia Service-Learning and Leadership Summer School was launched in the summer of 2017 with the intent to satisfy both components. Students participating will be in Cambodia for i) 4 weeks doing service-learning and leadership subjects or ii) 2 weeks doing service-learning subject only.

Leadership Subjects:

Leadership Education introduces students to the concepts and theories of service leadership and prepares them to become ethical leaders. By taking the Leadership subjects, students will:

  • Understand and integrate theories and concepts on the basic qualities of effective leaders;
  • Acquire skills which are essential for functioning as an effective leader;
  • Reflect on their own service leadership qualities; and
  • Appreciate the importance of Service Leadership to the development of themselves and the whole society.


Service-Learning Subjects:

Service-Learning aims to help students develop into a competent professional with a heart to serve others. Through subjects with a significant service component, students will:

  • Apply knowledge and skills acquired from university learning to deal with complex issues in the service setting;
  • Reflect on roles and responsibilities both as a professional in their chosen discipline and as a responsible citizen; and
  • Develop a stronger empathy for people in need and a stronger sense of civic responsibility.


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