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Service-Learning Education Capacity Enhancement Scheme – Thematic Service Projects

The Service-Learning Education Capacity Enhancement Scheme (the “Scheme”) is funded by the Lee Hysan Foundation with the aim of consolidating and enhancing PolyU’s Service-Learning (SL) program and effectuation through a sustainable and integrated platform. The objectives of the Scheme are:

  • To consolidate PolyU’s SL experience of developing impactful and sustainable service projects for the local community;
  • To build up local SL model(s) to promote learning and teaching of SL among higher education institutions in HK; and
  • To bring in successful PolyU alumni in the field to promote tripartite collaboration among the university, alumni and students in serving the community.

Only credit-bearing SL subjects with local projects that bring a tangible benefit to the service beneficiaries and that are currently NOT receiving additional funding from sources other than the GUR funding will be considered. Each project should involve at least a team of 40 PolyU students per year.

Further details will be available here when calling for applications.


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