Goals and Objectives

To achieve the vision and mission, we strive to work collaboratively with community partners and PolyU departments and units to:
  1. Support and assist in the development and implementation of high-impact credit-bearing service-learning subjects at PolyU;
  2. Promote effective service-learning pedagogies that enhance students’ learning and development as a civic-minded professional;
  3. Solicit and sustain community support for service-learning at PolyU;
  4. Provide further opportunities and support for students’ continual engagement in meaningful community services beyond credit-bearing service-learning subjects;
  5. Advance the scholarship and research in service-learning through rigorous evaluation studies of impacts and community-based research; 
  6. Foster inter-institutional collaboration in service-learning, both locally and internationally; and
  7. Nurture global youth leaders by providing programmes and learning opportunities to groom students to become future leaders with critical thinking and global vision. 
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