Service-Learning Scholarship Scheme 2.0 (2019-20)

Dear Students,

Here are some notes for you to upload your service photos/videos:

  1. This website is only used for uploading video and service photos if you apply for Service-Learning Scholarship Scheme 2.0 2019-20. For the application form, please access to
  2. You should compress (a) your 3-5 mins video (in .mp4, .avi or .mov format) and (b) service photos in a ZIP file.
  3. Please name the ZIP file starting with your student ID, e.g.
  4. We do not have restriction of the amount of service photos. You may have advantage if you provide more photos for us to understand your service project.
  5. For the service photos, please ensure to have the consent from the service recipients/collaborating partners for PolyU to use the provided photos/videos for future SL promotion purpose.
  6. The videos and photos submitted will be kept for a period of no more than four years under normal circumstances.

Click HERE to upload your photos/videos.

Global Youth Leadership and Service-Learning Institute