Co-op Scheme

The Cooperative Education (Co-op) is facilitated through combining Summer Intern with the BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design Programme (PAED) Capstone Project. A Co-op student is expected to be engaged in a remunerated full-time position and contribute as a training/ entry-level professional to design engineering projects at a Co-op industrial partner’s establishment.

  • Participants: Year 3 students of the BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design Programme
  • Purposes: Gain authentic design engineering experience, explore career opportunities, and prepare for study-to-work transition
  • Period: 5-6 months (from Jul to Dec); Full-time
  • Project: Work on design engineering project at the industrial partner’s company
  • Allowance: A monthly allowance or salary to be given by the industrial partner
  • Academic credit: ME49003 Capstone Project subject credits to be gained;  joint supervision by a PolyU ME academic staff and a Co-op industrial partner

For Co-op partnership, please contact:

Dr Randolph Leung (PAED Programme Leader)
t: 2766 6645; email:

Ms Karen Cho (Assistant Marketing Manager)
t: 2766 7935; email:

Co-op Timeline

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Co-op Interns 2020 Sharing

Student Intern: Jocelin Vania CINDY
Industrial Partner: Raymond Industrial Limited

It was a valuable experience for me to learn about the whole process of product design development from scratch. There were tests and simulation that were not commonly found in classroom settings, such as using 3D printing facility to make prototypes for testing. Before 3D printing, the parts of the prototype were made by using everyday objects like cans and bamboo sticks. I had to put the simulation test results into application for product development. I have learned new skills such as creative drawings and simulation with SolidWorks, Ansys WorkBench and how to operate 3D printers and optimize the resources available. I have been given all the required resources, time and space to run the project as well as encouragement and direction to continue the project. I am very happy I finally achieved my plan in creating two entirely new concepts of air purifier with centrifugal fan that will be beneficial to the community especially during pandemic.

Student Intern: LI Hok Ching
Industrial Partner: The Jardine Engineering Corporation

In this co-op work, my supervisor was an experienced senior engineer. I was responsible to assist her in carrying out various tasks.  Through which, I learnt the real practice that an engineer should do in a company. To secure a project, we needed to submit a very detailed and professional tender.  First of all, I had to figure out the equipment list which was required for the project. Secondly, I needed to prepare the necessary specifications and find out the appropriate suppliers to get competitive quotations. By comparing different quotations, we could propose the optimal options to the client. This was only a small part of a whole project. To complete any task in a workplace successfully, I learned to work proactively with team members.

Student Intern: CHAN Tsz Fung
Industrial Partner: The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

Through the Co-operative Education Scheme, I joined a 5 and a half months internship in Towngas.  I was responsible for supporting the project teams in a wide range of engineering works, including preparation of CAD drawing, layout plans, schematic diagrams, material submissions, site inspections, on-site co-ordinations, safety and quality inspections. I had to coordinate with site staff of clients, contractors, architects and consultants to do testing and analysis. Not only the knowledge the supervisors has given me on the gas pipe installation, but also the critical thinking and working skills I have learned from them. After these months of practices, I achieved better efficiency to meet various deadlines as well as improved my technical skills to fulfill the professional requirements. Furthermore, building good relationship with contractors was crucial to the project’s success. I am glad that I have enhanced my ability to communicate with them effectively.

Student Intern: HUANG Haihuai
Industrial Partner: Miele – Dongguan Hong Da Electric Products Co. Ltd.

This co-op work experience not only facilitated my final year project preparation but also helped me improve my skills and abilities that are particularly required in a company. Apart from the skill sets of academic research and report writing, I also have improved my social ability through cooperation with other colleagues. My work not only required my personal abilities but also good coordination between different teams by considering their duties and schedules. While enhancing my communication capability, I achieved higher efficiency in project management. Moreover, the weekly meetings with my supervisor helped improve my oral English and, more importantly, my skills in presenting the project deliverables and the weekly plans as well. On the whole, this working experience provided me with a better understanding of the issues that I need to consider in a workplace as well as what I need to learn and prepare for working in the future.

Student Intern: LAI Kei Biu
Industrial Partner: The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

During the internship, I learned how to design, install and maintain kitchen cabinets.  First of all, the design had to be tailor-made according to the customers’ needs. At the same time, we must consider fire safety requirements as well as environmental protection. In the production process, it had to be fitted with the site environment and abided by specific requirements of the household appliances. When installing kitchen cabinet, the work was required to be up to a set of standard. In addition, we needed to communicate with other contractors and reached a consensus to carry out the work. In this process, we had to rethink and make possible modifications to meet the requirements of different parties. Finally, I had the opportunity to deliver the demo of the kitchen cabinets to the guests. It was indeed a rewarding learning experience. I took great pleasure in working for the Project Marketing Department of Towngas.

Student Intern: SO Ming Lim
Industrial Partner: Panasonic Life Solutions (Hong Kong) Corporation

Before starting the Co-op work, I underestimated the complexity of manufacturing products. I was surprised to find that there were numerous steps and thorough consideration for each component of a product.  The company is very serious about quality assurance. To ensure the right manufacturing processes, safety of materials and fulfillment of standards, we were required to prepare detailed manuals and supporting documents before starting production of any parts. In case of a need to change one of the parts, an in-depth review and proposal were required to get the approval by various sectors.  In the process of product testing, if the product performance was under expectation, the engineers had to find out the reasons and figure out the solutions. Because of these complex procedures, time is lengthy (at least about 2 years) and a load of labors are required just for producing a single product. I now know the process of developing a product.  From an idea to mass production, it has gone through countless works by many different parties. This co-op experience really broadened my mind and horizons.

Student Intern: CHAN Kit Ying
Industrial Partner: Raymond Industrial Limited

In this internship, I have acquired hands-on knowledge of how to develop a centrifugal fan from scratch. A project of air purifier for bar and office was kicked off. For air purifier in bar, bleach sterilization and activated carbon were chosen as purification methods. The bleach used could theoretically kill COVID-19 virus. For air purifier in office, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter were chosen as purification methods. It could not kill virus but only to filter them out. It had already satisfied the goal of filtering virus out.  I have also learnt how to prepare 2D and 3D simulation for air flow of centrifugal fan. By examining different air purification methods, I found there were various advantages and drawbacks which would help how to choose the best air purifier for different environments. Velocity test and pressure test were brought into the project too. Anemometer was used to test velocity while Arduino programming was applied for pressure test. There were plenty of things learnt from the internship, not only the knowledge and theory but also practical skills which are useful for my future career development.