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WU Maochun 巫茂春 (Dr)
PolyU Scholars Hub

WU Maochun 巫茂春 (Dr)

Assistant Professor, Presidential Young Scholar

Area of Specialization: Electrochemical energy storage and conversion; Advanced battery materials; Heat and mass transfer



Short Description

Dr Wu received his BEng degree in Chemical Engineering and Technique from South China University of Technology in 2014. He obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 2018 and then worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the same department. Prior to joining PolyU in 2021, he served as a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at HKUST.

Dr Wu’s research interests are in the broad area of electrochemical energy storage and conversion technologies, especially flow batteries, metal-air batteries, aqueous zinc batteries and solid-state lithium batteries. He focuses on understanding the coupled heat/mass/ion transfer and electrochemical reactions phenomena to create innovative solutions to develop safer, more efficient, more powerful and durable batteries for a sustainable future.

Selected Publications

(1 and * represents co-first and corresponding author, respectively)
  1. Y.K. Lin, M.C. Wu*, J. Sun, L.C. Zhang, Q.P. Jian, T.S. Zhao*. A High-Capacity, Long-Cycling All-Solid-State Lithium Battery Enabled by Integrated Cathode/Ultrathin Solid Electrolyte. Advanced Energy Materials (2021) 2101612.
  2. Q.P. Jian, Y.H. Wan, Y.K. Lin, M. Ni, M.C. Wu*, T.S. Zhao*. A Highly Reversible Zinc Anode for Rechargeable Aqueous Batteries. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 13 (2021) 52659-52669.
  3. L.C. Zhang, C. Zhao, Y.K. Lin, M.C. Wu*, T.S. Zhao*. A high-performance lithiated silicon-sulfur battery enabled
    by fluorinated ether electrolytes. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (2021)
  4. Q.P. Jian, Z.X. Guo, L.C. Zhang, M.C. Wu*, T.S. Zhao*. A hierarchical porous tin host for dendrite-free, highly reversible zinc anodes. Chemical Engineering Journal 425 (2021) 130643.
  5. L.C. Zhang, C. Zhao, Q.P. Jiang, M.C. Wu*, T.S. Zhao*. A high-performance lithiated silicon-sulfur battery with pomegranate-structured electrodes. Journal of Power Sources 506 (2021) 230174.
  6. Y.K. Lin, K. Liu, C. Xiong, M.C.Wu*, T.S. Zhao*. A composite solid electrolyte with an asymmetric ceramic framework for dendrite-free all-solid-state Li metal batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (2021) 9665-9674.
  7. J. Sun1, M.C. Wu1, H.R. Jiang, X.Z. Fan, T.S. Zhao. Advances in the design and fabrication of high-performance flow battery electrodes for renewable energy storage. Advances in Applied Energy 2 (2021) 100016.
  8. Q.P. Jian, Y.H. Wan, J. Sun, M.C. Wu*, T.S. Zhao*. A dendrite-free zinc anode for rechargeable aqueous batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 8 (2020) 20175-20184.
  9. Q.P. Jian, M.C. Wu*, H.R. Jiang, Y.K. Lin, T.S. Zhao*. A trifunctional electrolyte for high-performance zinc-iodine flow batteries. Journal of Power Sources 484 (2020) 229238.
  10. L.C. Zhang, C. Zhao, M.C. Wu*, T.S. Zhao*. An energy-dense, flowable suspension of hollow carbon nanoshell-host sulfur as an electroactive material for flow batteries. Journal of Power Sources 478 (2020) 228750.
  11. M.C. Wu, R.H. Zhang, K. Liu, J. Sun, K.Y. Chan, T.S. Zhao. Mesoporous carbon derived from pomelo peel as a high-performance electrode material for zinc-bromine flow batteries. Journal of Power Sources 442 (2019) 227255.
  12. M.C. Wu, H.R. Jiang, R.H. Zhang, L. Wei, K.Y. Chan, T.S. Zhao. N-doped graphene nanoplatelets as a highly active catalyst for Br2/Br− redox reactions in zinc-bromine flow batteries. Electrochimica Acta 318 (2019) 69-75.
  13. W.L. Gu1, M.C. Wu1, J. Sun, J.B. Xu, T.S. Zhao. Atomically dispersed Fe–Nx active sites within hierarchical mesoporous carbon as efficient electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (2019) 20132-20138.
  14. M.C. Wu, T.S. Zhao, R.H. Zhang, L. Wei, H.R. Jiang. Carbonized tubular polypyrrole with a high activity for the Br2/Br− redox reaction in zinc-bromine flow batteries. Electrochimica Acta 284 (2018) 569-576.
  15. M.C. Wu, T.S. Zhao, L. Wei, H.R. Jiang, R.H. Zhang. Improved electrolyte for zinc-bromine flow batteries. Journal of power sources 384 (2018) 233-239.
  16. M.C. Wu, T.S. Zhao, R.H. Zhang, H.R. Jiang, L. Wei. A zinc bromine flow battery with improved design of cell structure and electrodes. Energy Technology 6 (2018) 333-339.
  17. L. Wei1, M.C. Wu1, T.S. Zhao, Y.K. Zeng, Y.X. Ren. An aqueous alkaline battery consisting of inexpensive all-iron redox chemistries for large-scale energy storage. Applied Energy 215 (2018) 98-105.
  18. M.C. Wu, T.S. Zhao, H.R. Jiang, Y.K. Zeng, Y.X. Ren. High-performance zinc bromine flow battery via improved design of electrolyte and electrode. Journal of Power Sources 355 (2017) 62-68.
  19. M.C. Wu, T.S. Zhao, H.R. Jiang, L. Wei, Z.H. Zhang. Facile preparation of high-performance MnO2/KB air cathode for Zn-air batteries. Electrochimica Acta 222 (2016) 1438-1444.
  20. M.C Wu, T.S. Zhao, P. Tan, H.R. Jiang, X.B. Zhu. Cost-effective carbon supported Fe2O3 nanoparticles as an efficient catalyst for non-aqueous lithium-oxygen batteries. Electrochimica Acta 211 (2016) 545-551.

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