Associate Head and Associate Professor
BEng & MEng (Tsinghua); PhD (Manchester)

ORCID iD 0000-0002-6774-507X
Scopus Author ID 55745519700

Open Platform for University Scholars
: FG638
: 2766-7815

Area of Specialization

Aerodynamics; Hydrodynamics; Active flow control; Fluid-structure Interaction; Multiphase flow

Short Description

Dr. Tang is specialized in various areas of fluid mechanics, especially in active flow control and fluid-structure interaction, with both fundamental investigations and real-world applications. He joined PolyU in 2014 and is now Director of Research Center for Fluid-Structure Interactions. Dr. Tang received his PhD degree from University of Manchester. After graduation, he worked in University of Michigan – Ann Arbor as Postdoctoral Research Fellow, in Nanyang Technological University as Assistant Professor. Dr. Tang has published 5 book chapters and 100+ refereed papers including 60+ papers in top-tier journals. He is/has been member of scientific or organizing committees for various international conferences/symposiums. He is now serving as an Executing Committee Member of Hong Kong Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (HKSTAM) (2016-present).

Various PhD/RA openings are available. If interested, please contact Dr Tang for more information.

Selected Publications

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