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JIAO Zengbao 焦增寶 (Dr)
PolyU Scholars Hub

JIAO Zengbao 焦增寶 (Dr)

Associate Professor

Area of Specialization: Advanced structural materials; High-strength steels & alloys; High-temperature superalloys; Nanostructured metals & alloys; Innovative material processing


BSc (CUGB), MEng (USTB); PhD (CityU)

Short Description

Dr Jiao is an Associate Professor of materials science at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of PolyU. He received his PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. CT Liu from City University of Hong Kong in 2014 and subsequently worked as a postdoc in the same group. Before joining PolyU in 2017, he worked on nanomaterials in Prof. Christopher A. Schuh’s group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His research interests focus on the development of advanced structural materials, including ultra-high strength steels, high-entropy alloys, high-temperature superalloys, and nanostructured metals & alloys. His group is utilizing their expertise in computational modelling and design, innovative processing, and mechanical and microstructural characterization to develop new materials for a wide range of technological applications, including aerospace, automotive, marine, construction, and energy industries.

Selected Publications

  1. T. Yang, Y.L. Zhao, W.P. Li, C.Y. Yu, J.H. Luan, D.Y. Lin, L. Fan, Z.B. Jiao, W.H. Liu, X.J. Liu, J.J. Kai, J.C. Huang, C.T. Liu, Ultrahigh-strength and ductile superlattice alloys with nanoscale disordered interfaces, Science 369, 427, 2020.
  2. T. Yang, Y.L. Zhao, Y. Tong, Z.B. Jiao, J. Wei, J.X. Cai, X.D. Han, D. Chen, A. Hu, J.J. Kai, K. Lu, Y. Liu, C.T. Liu, Multicomponent intermetallic nanoparticles and superb mechanical behaviors of complex alloys, Science 362, 933, 2018.
  3. L. Fan, T. Yang, Y.L. Zhao, J.H. Luan, G. Zhou, H. Wang, Z.B. Jiao*, C.T. Liu*, Ultrahigh strength and ductility in newly developed materials with coherent nano-lamellar architectures, Nature Communications 11, 6240, 2020.
  4. Z.B. Jiao, J.H. Luan, M.K. Miller, Y. W. Chung, C.T. Liu, Co-precipitation of nanoscale particles in steels with ultra-high strength for a new era, Materials Today, 20, 142, 2017.
  5. Z. Jia, Q. Wang, L. Sun, Q. Wang, L.C. Zhang, G. Wu, J.H. Luan, Z.B. Jiao, A. Wang, S.X. Liang, M. Gu, J. Lu, Attractive in situ self‐reconstructed hierarchical gradient structure of metallic glass for high efficiency and remarkable stability in catalytic performance, Advanced Functional Materials 1807857, 1-9, 2019.
  6. B.C. Zhou, T. Yang, G. Zhou, H. Wang, J.H. Luan, Z.B. Jiao*, Mechanisms for suppressing discontinuous precipitation and improving mechanical properties of NiAl-strengthened steels through nanoscale Cu partitioning, Acta Materialia 205,116561, 2021.
  7. M.C. Niu, L.C. Yin, K. Yang, J.H. Luan, W. Wang*, Z.B. Jiao*, Synergistic alloying effects on nanoscale precipitation and mechanical properties of ultrahigh-strength steels strengthened by Ni3Ti, Mo-enriched, and Cr-rich co-precipitates, Acta Materialia 209, 116788, 2021.
  8. M. Yang, D.J.M. King, I. Postugar, Y. Wen, J.H. Luan, B. Kuhn, Z.B. Jiao, C.P. Wang, M.R. Wenman, X.J. Liu, Precipitation behavior in G-phase strengthened ferritic stainless steels, Acta Materialia 205, 116542, 2021.
  9. Y.L. Zhao, T. Yang, Y.R. Li, L. Fan, B. Han, Z.B. Jiao, D. Chen, C.T. Liu, J.J. Kai, Superior high-temperature properties and deformation-induced planar faults in a novel L12-strengthened high-entropy alloy, Acta Materialia 188, 517, 2020.
  10. W.W. Zhu, C.C. Zhao, Y.W. Zhang, C.T. Kwok, J.H. Luan, Z.B. Jiao, F.Z. Ren, Achieving exceptional wear resistance in a compositionally complex alloy via tuning the interfacial structure and chemistry, Acta Materialia 188, 697, 2020.
  11. T. Yang, Y.L. Zhao, L. Fan, J. Wei, J.H. Luan, W.H. Liu, C. Wang, Z.B. Jiao, J.J. Kai, C.T. Liu, Control of nanoscale precipitation and elimination of intermediate-temperature embrittlement in multicomponent high-entropy alloys, Acta Materialia 189, 47, 2020.
  12. H.J. Kong, C. Xu, C.C. Bu, C. Da, J.H. Luan, Z.B. Jiao, G. Chen, C.T. Liu, Hardening mechanisms and impact toughening of a high-strength steel containing low Ni and Cu additions, Acta Materialia 172, 150, 2019.
  13. Z.B. Jiao, C.A. Schuh, Nanocrystalline Ag-W alloys lose stability upon solute desegregation from grain boundaries, Acta Materialia 161, 194, 2018.
  14. Y.L. Zhao, T. Yang, Y. Tong, J. Wang, J.H. Luan, Z.B. Jiao, D. Chen, Y. Yang, A. Hu, C.T. Liu, J.J. Kai, Heterogeneous precipitation behavior and stacking-fault-mediated deformation in a CoCrNi-based medium-entropy alloy, Acta Materialia 138, 72, 2017.
  15. Z.B. Jiao, J.H. Luan, W. Guo, J. D. Poplawsky, C.T. Liu, Effects of welding and post-weld heat treatments on nanoscale precipitation and mechanical properties of an ultra-high strength steel hardened by nanoscale NiAl and Cu particles, Acta Materialia 120, 216, 2016.
  16. Z.B. Jiao, J.H. Luan, M.K. Miller, C.Y. Yu, Y. Liu, C.T. Liu, Precipitate transformation from NiAl-type to Ni2AlMn-type and its influence on the mechanical properties of high-strength steels, Acta Materialia 110, 31, 2016.
  17. Z.B. Jiao, J.H. Luan, M.K. Miller, C.T. Liu, Precipitation mechanism and mechanical properties of an ultra-high strength steel hardened by nanoscale NiAl and Cu particles, Acta Materialia 97, 58, 2015.
  18. Z.B. Jiao, J.H. Luan, M.K. Miller, C.Y. Yu, C.T. Liu, Effects of Mn partitioning on nanoscale precipitation and mechanical properties of ferritic steels strengthened by NiAl nanoparticles, Acta Materialia 84, 283, 2015.
  19. Z.B. Jiao, J.H. Luan, Z.W. Zhang, M.K. Miller, W.B. Ma, C.T. Liu, Synergistic effects of Cu and Ni on nanoscale precipitation and mechanical properties of high-strength steels, Acta Materialia 61, 5996, 2013.
  20. Z.Y. Ding, B.X. Cao, J.H. Luan, Z.B. Jiao*, Synergistic effects of Al and Ti on the oxidation behaviour and mechanical properties of L12-strengthened FeCoCrNi high-entropy alloys, Corrosion Science 184, 109365, 2021.

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