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JUPAS Code: JS3557 (Previous JUPAS Code: JS3698)

ISE Leaflet 201910 Page 1Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) is a professional discipline that focuses on developing and implementing optimal solutions from a system-level perspective, and bridges the gap between management and operations.  It has a strong focus on operational processes, which forms the backbone of all industrial and service organizations.  This involves people, technology, quality, finance, information, and environmental issues.  The main role of Industrial and Systems Engineers is to organize and streamline operational procedures, increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase customer satisfaction, enhance safety and improve overall system performance in diverse areas such as factories, Disneyland queues, rapid prototyping, etc.  The ultimate objective is to provide leadership in the design of integrated industrial and commercial systems for the advancement and well-being of the community.


ISE is different from other traditional engineering disciplines whereby knowledge and skills are applied to specific areas.  In contrast, ISE provides graduates with many more flexible career paths so as to work in a variety of organizations in both the industrial and commercial sectors.


Aims of the programme

The ISE programme aims to provide students with comprehensive education and professional training at honours degree level for preparing engineers and professionals who are competent in the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of people, technology, information and economics for the best of both worlds: engineering and business, for optimization in cost, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, safety and reliability.  


Professional Recognition

The programme has been granted full accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) as a professional engineering degree programme recognised by other Washington Accord signatories.  The Washington Accord is an international agreement between bodies responsible for accrediting engineering degree programmes.  Currently, it has 20 signatories, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.


Programme Details


4 years (full-time)


No. of Credits

124 credits (plus 10 IC training credits)

Students may be required to take an extra subject in physics depending on their entry qualifications to meet the graduation requirement.


Year 1

(33 credits + 4 IC training credits)

Semester 1(18 credits + 2 IC training credits)
Healthy Lifestyle# 0
English I (LCR I)# 3
CAR I# 3
Leadership and Intra-personal Development# 3
Basic Mathematics I - Calculus and Probability and Statistics (AMA1110) 3
Physics I (AP10005) 3
Freshman Seminar for Engineering# (ENG1003) 3
Engineering Communication and Fundamentals (IC2105) 2 IC training credits
Semester 2(15 credits + 2 IC training credits)
Healthy Lifestyle# 0
English II (LCR II)# 3
Information Technology (ENG2003) 3
Basic Mathematics II - Calculus and Linear Algebra (AMA1120) 3
Physics II (AP10006) 3
Engineering Communication and Fundamentals (IC2105) - cont'd 2 IC training credits


Year 2

(33 credits and 3 IC training credits)

Semester 1(18 credits)
Chinese Communication (LCR III)# 3
Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering (ENG2001) / Biology / Chemistry 3
Mathematics I (AMA2111) 3
Engineering Economics (AF3625) 3
Quality Engineering (ISE369) 3
Semester 2(15 credits + 3 IC training credits)
Electricity and Electronics (EIE2302) 3
Introduction to Enterprise Computing (ISE2001) 3
Industrial Engineering Techniques and Methods (ISE318) 3
Systems Modeling and Simulation (ISE3004) 3
Appreciation of Manufacturing Technologies (IC2121) 3 IC training credits


Year 3

(31 credits + 3 IC training credits)

Semester 1(15 credits + 1.5 IC training credits)
Operations Research I (ISE3001) 3
Planning of Production and Service Systems (ISE3002) 3
Integrated Design for Manufacture (ISE386) 3
Materials and Processes Selection (ISE3006) 3
Engineering Management (ENG3003) 3
Integrated Project (IC3103) 1.5 IC training credits
Semester 2(16 credits + 1.5 IC training credits)
Service-Learning# 3
Professional Communication in English for Engineering Students (ELC3531) 2
Professional Communication in Chinese (CLC3241P) 2
Product Safety and Reliability (ISE330) 3
Automation Technology (ISE4003) 3
Business Process Management (ISE457) 3
Integrated Project (IC3103) - cont'd 1.5 IC training credits


Year 4

(27 credits)

Semester 1(15 credits)
Society and the Engineer (ENG3004)   watch video icon 3
Enterprise Resources Planning (ISE4004) 3
Project Management (ENG4001) 3
Elective 1* 3
Individual Project (ISE4008) 3
Semester 2(12 credits)
Engineering Costing and Evaluation (ISE431) 3
Total Quality Management (ISE404) 3
Elective 2* 3
Individual Project (ISE4008) – cont’d 3
ElectivesSelect TWO from the following elective subjects
ISE418 Computer-Aided Product Design
ISE430 New Product Planning and Development
ISE449 Mobile Technologies for Logistics Systems
ISE461 Green Legislation and Supply Chain Logistics
ISE466 Enterprise Systems and Strategy 
ISE4005 Eco-design and Manufacture
ISE4009 Advanced Manufacturing Technology

# General University Requirements (GUR) The pattern for GUR subjects are indicative only. Students may take these subjects according to their own schedule.


(Programme Document)

Career Prospect

Dr Ng Kit Chong, Johnny

Goldford Venture 



Dr Law Man Chung, Henry

G.E.W International Corporation Limited 

Manager, Product Research and Development


Fung Sui Hei, Mike

Hong Kong RFID Limited 

Operation Director


Chan Shan Shan, Daisy

Yeefung Polyfoam Limited 

Customer Service Manager


Wu Kwok Tung, Gordon

BMW Concessionaires (Hong Kong) Limited 

Engineering Trainee


 students Wong Mei Chun resize 1

Ir Carey Wong

Manager Quality Assurance Engineering

Cathay Dragon


student Tai Arnold resize 1

Mr Tai Arnold

Senior First Officer

Cathay Pacific Airways


student Wu Kwok Tung Gordon resize 1

Mr Wu Kwok Tung Gordon

Assistant Manager (Customer Service)

BMW Concessionaires (Hong Kong) Limited


student Siu Ying Ying Katherine resize 1

Miss Siu Ying Ying Katherine

Engineer (II)

WSP/ Parsons Brinckerhoff


student Cheng Kei Yip Johnny resize 1

Mr Cheng Kei Yip Johnny

Associate Engineer

Cathay Pacific Airways


Our fresh graduates work in well-established organizations, such as Johnson Electric, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd (HAECO), Hang Seng Bank, SAE Magnetics, P&G, Sun Motor Technology Group, VTech Co. Ltd, Dah Chong Hong Ltd, and U.S. Dust Free Manufacturing Ltd.  Some typical examples of job positions are:

  • Industrial Engineer 工業工程師
  • System Engineer 系統工程師
  • Project Engineer 項目工程師
  • Quality Engineering
  • CAD Engineer 電腦輔助設計師
  • Sales Engineering
  • Business Process Analyst 商業流程分析員
  • Business Development Engineer 商務發展工程師

Some of our ISE graduates pursue Master or Doctoral degree programmes in local or overseas universities based on their interest and career aspiration 

Student Messages

student Bill Yuen

Mr Yuen Yat Chung Bill
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas)

My study was challenging yet fulfilling. ISE provided me the knowledge in many aspects such as process optimization, supply chain management, as well as system thinking and analytical mindset. These have been huge benefits in my career in Towngas. Systems development, process optimization and business analysis are my primary responsibilities at work in order to achieve the desire deliverables with the minimum effort and resources.

student Arnold Tai

Mr Tai Arnold
Senior First Officer
Cathay Pacific Airways

Upon completion of my degree programme in ISE, I joined Cathay Pacific Airways' Cadet Pilot Programme in July 2012 as a cadet pilot. After finishing the intensive 14 months flying training in Adelaide, Australia, I returned to Hong Kong in Sept 2013 and joined the Cathay team as a Second Officer. My duties involve being part of the flight crew and mainly acting as a relief pilot on ultra long haul operations. It is undoubtedly the ultimate excitement to fly around the world with the fleet of CX Boeing 777-300ER airliners where my roster sends me to major cities in Europe and North America. 
My study in ISE was very enjoyable and knowledgeable. The programme equipped me with a logical mindset which, later in time, brought me advantages in the demanding flying training environment. It also helped brush up my standards in Maths and Physics during the 3 years of study.

student Katherine Siu

Miss Siu Ying Ying Katherine
Engineer (II)
WSP/ Parsons Brinckerhoff

"I joined Parsons Brinckerhoff soon after finishing my studies in ISE. PB is an international consultancy company and I am working as an assistant engineer in the Railway Division in the System Assurance Team. It is not difficult to find other ISE alumni in our division. My job duties include assisting contractors to establish risk management plans and to analyze their systems with engineering tools like the risk register and hazard log. It is also my responsibility to check their compliance with standards and the law and to attend audits and meetings between various parties. The ISE program equipped me with the necessary project management skills, and the experience of using engineering tools and software was also beneficial. In addition, the ISE programme is recognized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, so I can join the Scheme A fast-track programme to become a Chartered Engineer."

student Wu Kwok Tung Gordon BMW HK

Mr Wu Kwok Tung Gordon
Assistant Manager (Customer Service)
BMW Concessionaires (Hong Kong) Limited

"I currently work as a Service Officer at BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited with responsibilities covering the statistical analysis of workshop productivity and efficiency, work process improvement, and parts inventory control. During my study in ISE, the course offered me an invaluable opportunity to learn and understand the concept of operation management and inventory management, together with the application of various statistical tools. Such knowledge and skills supported me a lot when undertaking different projects for facilitating the daily operation. 
Besides, different types of computer proficiency training and assignments in ISE also equipped me with a solid foundation of industrial knowledge which helps my career development."

student johnny

Mr Cheng Kei Yip Johnny
Associate Engineer
Cathay Pacific Airways

"After graduating from the ISE programme, I joined Cathay Pacific Airways as an Engineering Trainee for 24 months. After that, I will be promoted to Associate Engineer. Within the training period, I work in different engineering departments and try to familiarize myself with the industry. My responsibilities include planning and scheduling of maintenance tasks, inventory control of aircraft parts and quality assurance of aircraft. Knowledge and experience gained from my degree programme enhanced my competitiveness in the engineering industry. The Department of ISE provided all the resources needed to enable me to equip myself and strengthen my skills. I am well prepared to achieve my goal and have a clear career path ahead."



Dr Gary Tsui, Programme Leader




Ms Becky Chan




Academic Advising for 4-year Undergraduate Programmes