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Top 50 Global AI Young Chinese Scholars by Baidu Academic

Dr Pai Zheng was selected as one of the Top 50 Global AI Young Chinese Scholars 華人青年學者榜 (AI+X) as released by Baidu Academic

In April 2022, Dr Pai Zheng, a young scholar from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering was selected as one of the Top 50 Global AI Young Chinese Scholars, AI華人青年學者榜 (in the field of AI+X).  The list was jointly released by Baidu Academic (百度學術), Baidu (TIC) (百度人才智库), Complex Management System Laboratory of Tianjin University (天津大學複雜管理系統實驗室), and the Business Intelligence Center of the International Institute of Finance in the University of Science and Technology of China (中國科大國金院商業智能中心).   The selection aims to encourage young scholars to make more influential contributions and to identify high-potential young Chinese leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence. The selection was based on 186,963 papers and the information on 89,324 scholars from all over the world, using big data mining technology.  There were three criteria in selection: academic performance, academic influence and academic potential index.  100 high-potential young scholars were selected in the classical fields of AI (i.e. Machine Learning, Data Mining, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing), and 50 high-potential young scholars were selected from the interdisciplinary fields of AI (AI+X). The 150 selected AI Young Chinese Scholars were from 98 top universities or institutions around the world. The top 10 universities or institutions with the most selected young scholars were Tsinghua University (8 scholars), Google (8 scholars), Chinese Academy of Sciences (7 scholars), Microsoft (including Microsoft Research Asia, 7 scholars), University of Hong Kong (4 scholars), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (3 scholars), Carnegie Mellon University (3 scholars), University of California San Diego (3 scholars), Columbia University (3 scholars), Facebook (3 scholars).  These scholars have made outstanding achievements in cutting-edge domains such as autonomous driving, quantum computing, dialogue systems, and biological computing, etc. Dr. Zheng is currently an Assistant Professor, Wong Tit Shing Endowed Young Scholar in Smart Robotics and Lab-in-Charge of the Digitalized Service Laboratory (DSL) in the Department. Before joining the ISE Department, he was a Research Fellow in the Delta-NTU Corporate Laboratory for Cyber-Physical Systems, in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) from Jan. 2018 to Sept. 2019. He received his Dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Material Processing and Control Engineering (major), and Computer Science and Engineering (minor), from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, in 2010, Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Beihang University, Beijing, China, in 2013, and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, in 2017. References:

20 May, 2022

Staff Achievement


ISE student was awarded the Third Prize at the 2021 International 3D Printing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Mr Weijie Xie, a PhD student of the Department of Industrial and Systems received the Third Prize at the 2021 International 3D Printing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (I3IEC). The competition is co-organized by the University Alliance of the Silk Road (UASR), the National Innovation Institute of Additive Manufacturing (NIIAM, China), and the Université de Technologie de Belfort Montbéliard (UTBM, France). Mr Xie’s award winning project is titled “Novel Bioresorbable Mg-based alloys for patient-specific implants using laser additive manufacturing”.   Project Description: The currently used materials for bone plates and screws for bone fracture healing are Ti alloys and stainless steel, which require secondary surgery to remove the implant after bone recovery. However, such secondary removal surgery puts pressure on the body, causes pain, risk, inconvenience, hospitalization and additional costs and it adds to the problem of the shortage of hospital beds especially during COVID-19. A step change is in applying novel bioresorbable Mg alloys, which are designed to be fully degraded in the human body after bone recovery and therefore removing the need for secondary surgery. The project has successfully applied laser additive manufacturing to fabricate high aspect-ratio Mg alloys parts. Such high aspect-ratio parts are difficult to additively manufacture due to the heat accumulation although they have a more similar shape to actual bone plates. The project has also applies a support structure to minimize the deformation, which is a major change from research to practical applications.

13 May, 2022

Student Achievement


29 Apr, 2022


The HKIE LTD  Best Student Papers Awards 2021

ISE student won the HKIE Logistics and Transportation Division (HKIE LTD) Best Students Papers Awards 2021

Miss LUK Hoi Yan, graduate of the BSc (Hons) in Logistics Engineering with Management, won the HKIE Logistics and Transportation Division (HKIE LTD) Best Students Papers Awards 2021. Her project title is “Intention of using Unmanned Guided Vehicles (UGV) for delivery during and after COVID-19”. The project investigates the public intention of using unmanned guided vehicles (UGV) by collecting respondents’: Attitude of implementation (safety concern, privacy concern, unemployment concern), and Performance expectancy (traceability, punctuality, accessibility, security, hygiene) under 4 different scenarios (delivering parcels with/ without COVID19 and delivering food with/ without COVID19).

27 Apr, 2022

Student Achievement


State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology featured on RTHK TV programme

The State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology, established in 2009 by PolyU with the approval from the Ministry of Science and Technology, was featured on RTHK TV programme. Please visit this link to view RTHK’s TV Programme ‘IT New Era’ (Copyright owned by RTHK) Ir Prof. Benny C. F. Cheung, Director of the Laboratory, introduced that ultra-precision machining is a technology which harnesses processing techniques like cutting and polishing in the vicinity of 1μm, 1/100 of a diameter of a human hair, to alter an object’s surface so as to equip it with new functions. The technology can be applied to multiple areas, such as optical and biomedical fields, to develop lenses with myopia management or autostereoscopy functions, and scalpels that produce sharper and smaller incisions. Led by Prof. Cheung, the research team has been conducting a series of research projects on bionic structured surfaces to develop enhanced lenses and 3D cameras.

12 Apr, 2022

Staff Achievement

20220325-Website  RIAM partners with Allite on alloy RD

RIAM partners with Allite on alloy R&D 先進製造研究院與鼎泰國際開展ALLITE超級鎂合金研究項目

PolyU and Allite International Limited established partnership of R&D works in a number of research projects to further explore the application horizon of Allite Super Magnesium (ASM) Alloy. This initiative aims to uncover advanced magnesium-based materials development for net shape manufacturing. This collaborative effort will also deliver differentiating R&D in the e-transportation space such as electric vehicles and e-bikes. Ir Prof. H. C. Man, Director of Research Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Dean of Faculty of Engineering, said the partnership would leverage the University’s unique strengths in R&D activities, bridging the gap between research and businesses while accelerating PolyU’s innovation efforts with magnesium alloys and processing techniques. 香港理工大學 (理大)與鼎泰國際有限公司 (鼎泰)開展研發項目計劃,旨在發掘及進一步探索 ALLITE ®超級鎂™ (ASM) 合金的近淨成形應用範圍。此計劃亦會擴展至電動運輸領域的研發範疇,如電動載運工具、電能驅動單車及其他相關產品。 理大先進製造研究院院長暨工程學院院長文効忠教授期望此合作計劃能連結研究及業界,充分發揮理大領先的科研優勢,為理大相關的新型鎂基合金用於先進製造研究和加工技術創造突破。 [From PolyU Academy for Interdisciplinary Research Website]   Online media coverage Asiaone (English only) A-Performers (English only) ETNet (Chinese only) TechNow (Chinese only) HKET (Chinese only)

25 Mar, 2022

Staff Achievement


Outstanding Alumni Award of PolyU Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

The ISE Department is pleased to present the “Outstanding Alumni Award of PolyU Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering 2022” to two distinguished graduates in recognition of their Scholarly Achievement and Community Service Achievement as well as significant contributions to the Department, PolyU and the community. Their remarkable achievements and valuable contributions have earned them the well-deserved honour. Congratulations to the following awardees! Outstanding Alumni Award in Scholarly Achievement of PolyU Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering 理大工業及系統工程學系傑出校友學術成就獎 Prof. Boby Kong Full Professor, Director, Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Ultra-Precision Optical Manufacturing, Fudan University Doctor of Philosophy, 2010 Outstanding Young Alumni Award in Community Service Achievement of PolyU Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering 理大工業及系統工程學系傑出青年校友社會服務成就獎 Ms Vincy Wong Professional Trilingual Host Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Enterprise Engineering and E-Business, 2008   For more details about the awardees, please visit here.

3 Mar, 2022

Student Achievement

student award 20220111-1

ISE graduates won the 1st runner up, 2nd runner up, and Merit Award in the Industrial System Engineering Management Innovation Project Competition 2021

Mr. KWOK Ching Ping, Mr. LEONG Sze Chit, and Miss CHAN Hoi Size received the 1st Runner Up Award in the “Industrial and Systems Engineering Management Innovation Project Competition 2021”, a competition organized by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers – Hong Kong. They won the award with their project titled “Virtual Interior Design with AR”, which was supervised by Dr YM Tang. Miss LI Wen Jun (Fiona), a graduate of the BSc (Hons) in Logistics Engineering with Management programme, received the 2nd Runner Up Award in the above competition. Fiona won the award with her final year project titled “An Intelligent Supply Chain Performance Measurement System based on SCOR model, Circular Economy, and E-Business Effectiveness”, which was supervised by Dr Carman Lee and Dr Paul Tsang. In the above project, the supply chain performance measurement is further enriched by incorporating the elements of the circular economy and e-business capabilities into the state-of-the-art SCOR model. With the use of the Mamdani-type fuzzy inference system, the supply chain performance of a company can be evaluated so as to identify major supply chain weaknesses for further improvements. Miss WONG Sze Wing, Mr. Luk Kwok To, Mr. Yeh Mau Wong, students from the BSc (Hons) in Enterprise Engineering with Management programme also received the Merit Award in this competition, with the project titled “A Multi-Group Analysis of Consumer-based Brand Equity Model and Customer Loyalty between Traditional and Electronic Loyalty Program”, which was supervised by Dr Carman Lee. Congratulations again to the winners and we are very proud of our students for the excellent project work and performance.

11 Jan, 2022

Student Achievement

20211229-1_Group Photo

PolyU and University of Maryland from the US, jointly established the Centre for Advances in Reliability and Safety (CAiRS) Combining AI and innovative technologies to improve product safety and system reliability 理大聯同美國馬里蘭大學(UMD)共同設立產品可靠性暨系統安全研發中心 CAiRS)揉合AI及創新技術提升產品安全及系統可靠性

In our daily life, there are many reliability and safety issues. Electronics degrade due to complex electronics ageing, latent software faults, and the interactions between the two. Also, electronic system failures are inevitable because of the current methods to assess reliability and safety. These issues are very likely to lead to serious consequences.   In view of this, two universities, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the University of Maryland - College Park (UMD), have jointly established a research and development laboratory, namely the - Centre for Advances in Reliability and Safety (CAiRS). The Centre gathers top researchers from all over the world, uses the most advanced equipment and leverages innovative artificial intelligence technology in order to conduct various product reliability and system safety research to accurately predict the occurrence of failures and prevent them from occurring.  Ir. Prof. Winco Yung, Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of PolyU, is the Centre Director and Executive Director of CAiRS.   Prof. Wing-tak Wong, Deputy President and Provost of PolyU, said, “Harnessing its advanced equipment and, top-notch scientific research talents, CAiRS is dedicated to the research and development of breakthrough technologies. Their research solutions can be widely adopted by all industries in Hong Kong that value reliability and system safety.”   CAiRS has been admitted as one of the research laboratories in the InnoHK Clusters, a major initiative of the HKSAR. CAiRS has carried out five research programmes to date. They are “Anomaly Detection and Syndromic Surveillances”, “Innovative Diagnostics for Health Management”, “Prognostics for Remaining Useful Life Assessment”, “Safety Assurance: Improve functional safety” and “Data Analytics Platform for Reliability” (Totally have 15 projects). The range of applications of the research is very wide, including robots, medical equipment, vehicles, telecommunications, consumer goods, public utilities, transportation, microelectronics, electrical installations, sensors, IoT products and other advanced manufacturing technology. Moreover, CAiRS has signed cooperation agreements with 28 well-known local companies to jointly conduct research and improve the reliability and safety of products and systems.   PolyU is committed to conducting state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research in response to the needs of industry and society. With over 20 specialists and scholars from the Faculty of Engineering of PolyU and UMD, UMD's excellent research foundation in product reliability, and strong support from industry, CAiRS will bring benefits and contributions to smart city development and advanced manufacturing.     很多日常生活用品,都會因為電子或機械零件老化、軟件故障或環境因素等等,而出現可靠性和安全性問題,簡單的可能是電線短路,嚴重的卻可能導致嚴重的後果,例如機械過熱導致火警等。有見及此,香港理工大學 (理大) 及美國馬里蘭大學帕克分校 (UMD) 攜手合作設立研發實驗室 ─ 產品可靠性暨系統安全研發中心 (CAiRS),匯聚全球頂尖科研人員,裝置了最先進的儀器設備,配合創新人工智能技術,以進行各項產品可靠性和系統安全研究,務求準確預測故障發生,防患於未然。理大工業及系統工程學系容錦泉教授為CAiRS 總監及執行董事。   香港理工大學常務及學務副校長黃永德教授表示: 「CAiRS擁有先進設備,頂尖科研人才,專注研發突破性的技術,研究範圍更廣泛應用於香港所有重視可靠性及系統安全的行業。」   CAiRS 早前獲選進駐由香港特區政府的旗艦項目「InnoHK創新香港研發平台」,並正就五個範疇展開研究,包括異常檢測與症狀監測、產品健康管理的創新診斷、剩餘使用期限預測、安全保障︰提升功能安全性,以及數據可靠性,共十五個項目。這些項目應用範圍非常廣泛,包括機械人、醫療器材、車輛、電訊、消費品、公共事業、運輸、微電子、電力裝置、傳感器、物聯網產品及其他與先進製造相關的範疇。CAiRS並已與二十八家本地知名企業簽定合作協議,共同研究提升產品和系統的可靠及安全。   理大一直因應業界及社會需要,進行跨學科研究,當中涉及工程,科學及前沿技術。CAiRS 匯集了理大工程學院及UMD超過二十位學者專家,加上UMD在產品可靠性的卓越研究基礎,及業界的支持,將就智慧城市及先進製造兩大方面作出貢獻。   [From PolyU Media Release]   Other media coverage: Ming Pao Daily News Hong Kong Economic Times Sing Tao Daily Hong Kong Economic Journal Headline Daily Ta Kung Pao Xinhua Finance Agency Sina Hong Kong Sina MediaOutReach    

29 Dec, 2021


KM Award 2021

Congratulations to Dr Eric Tsui on receiving the Knowledge Management Award 2021

Dr Eric Tsui, Associate Director of Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre, received the “Knowledge Management Award 2021” (Individual Award) from the Knowledge Management Austria in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in the field. Every year since 2009, the international Knowledge Management Award is bestowed upon an international organization as well as an outstanding personality. The prize is given in recognition of the winner’s outstanding accomplishments in the research, implementation and innovation of successful management methods for knowledge politics and knowledge management. It is also meant to recognize the impact made on the development of a knowledge society in general and more specifically on knowledge creation, transformation, distribution and application. Details of the award can be found at Thank you message from Dr Eric Tsui

7 Dec, 2021


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