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This Laboratory provides an interactive learning environment for students to become familiar with the latest tools in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Customer Relations Management (CRM) and various E-Business simulation tools. It focuses on using interactive computer packages to simulate global supply chain and related logistics systems with specific reference to forecasting, material sourcing, capacity planning and scheduling under JIT manufacturing conditions.  It takes into consideration the logistical problems of the total supply chain from the purchase of raw materials to delivery of the finished product to the consumer.


CF401 6


It is equipped with latest commercial multi-media teaching and learning facilitates with 40 sets of networked workplaces where users can use for teaching or seminars, customized ERP software for simulating order fulfillment process of supply chain system in enterprises and simulation software  for simulating various logistics and enterprise systems.  Software such as ProModel, WITNESS, Microsoft Dynamics, Minitab, SimEnterprise, SimLogistics, Inventory Management Game and Supply Chain Integrator are installed.


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Dr. Nick Chung

(Lab in-charge)


Mr. Peter Lau



Room CF401