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Brief Biosketch

Dr. Ching-Yuen Chan was awarded his BEng in Mechanical Engineering at Salford University (UK) in 1989, going on to received his PhD in Manufacturing Engineering in 1994. At present, he is a lecturer in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The University of Hong Kong Polytechnic, Hong Kong. His research interests are Industrial Automation, Production Monitoring, Production System Modelling and Staff Rostering.


Teaching and Research Specialties

Control & Automation, Logistic Facility Design, Warehouse Management and Materials Handling Systems, Aviation Logistics, Flight Route Optimization and Aviation Crew Scheduling.


Professional Services

  • Member of the Logistics Policy Committee of the Chartered Institute and Transport in Hong Kong.
  • Committee member of the IAENG International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Applications. 
  • Corporate Member of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.


External Research Funding Secured

  • Feasibility Study on the Application of Micro/Nano Molding Technique for Chipless RFID Tags Fabrication (ITS/045/06)
  • Integration of Embedded Capacitors and Resistors in Multilayer Printed Circuit Board (TCS)




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