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Nick Chung
Assistant Professor
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Brief Biosketch

Dr Chung graduated from the Department of Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering, The University of Hong Kong in 2001. He obtained his MPhil and PhD in 2004 and 2007 respectively at the same University. His research interests include Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain collaboration, Production Scheduling, Distributed Scheduling, Distribution Network, etc. Dr Chung has published over 60 international journal papers, including IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and CyberneticsIEEE Transactions on Instrumentations and Measurement, Decision Support SystemsInternational Journal of Production EconomicsInternational Journal of Production ResearchRobotics and Computer Integrated ManufacturingOMEGAExpert Systems with Application,  Resources, Conservation & RecyclingTransportation Research Part E – Logistics and Transportation ReviewRisk Analysis, etc.

Teaching and Research Specialties

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration.
  • Distribution Network.
  • Vehicle Routing.
  • Berth Allocation and Crane Scheduling.
  • Operations Research
  • Production Scheduling.
  • Economic Lot Scheduling.
  • Distributed Scheduling.
  • Machine Maintenance and Reliability
  • Crew scheduling
  • Aircraft rotation
  • Fleet assignment
  • Disruption management

PhD students' project:

  • Stochastic Economic Lot Scheduling Problems in Multi-factory Production Network
  • Development of a Robust Crew Scheduling Methodology for Multiple Hub Airlines
  • Optimal Rebates Contracts in Stochastic Supply Chain Systems


Book Chapter

  • F.T.S. Chan and S.H. Chung, (2006), Process Planning and Scheduling for Distributed Manufacturing, Springer, Process Planning and Scheduling for Distributed Manufacturing, book chapter for a Springer series in Advanced Manufacturing (Springer series editor: Professor D. T. Pham, book editors: L. Wang and W. Shen), pp. 243-267. ISBN 978-1-84628-751-0.


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