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Associate Professor
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Brief Biosketch

Dr. K.L. Choy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He gained his MSc degrees in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and in Management Science and his MPhil in Engineering at the University of Warwick, UK in the 1990s and a Doctorate degree at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2003. He has published more than 100 international journal papers in the areas of logistics information, data systems, supply chain management and technology management, as well as applying expert systems to industry.

Teaching and Research Specialties

Simulation of Industrial and Logistics Systems, Logistics Engineering and Management, Supply Chain Management and Supplier Relationship Management, RFID and Warehouse Operations

Professional Services

  • E-Logistics Committee Chairmen, Hong Kong Logistics Association
  • Member, Logistics and Transportation Discipline advisory Panel, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
  • Member, Training Committee, Logistics & Transportation Discipline Advisory Panel, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

External Research Funding Secured


  1. International Award (Silver Medal) – The 33rd International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products in Geneva, Switzerland in April 2005,
  2. International Award (Gold Medal) - The 56th Belgian and International Trade Fair for Technological Innovation in November 2007.
  3. Faculty Award for Outstanding Performance/Achievement in recognition of the outstanding performance and achievement in Research and Scholarly Activity in 2005.
  4. Faculty Award in Industrial Engineering Service Grant Achievement by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2008.
  5. Faculty Award in Industrial Engineering Service Grant Achievement by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2010.
  6. Hong Kong Patent (Ref: #1067934A) on a Heuristics Iterative Reasoning Technique (HIRT) to integrate relevant information throughout logistics systems (2005).

External Funds

SME Development Fund

  1. “Knowledge Sharing of Logistics Best Practices to General SMEs in Hong Kong – Part 1” in  2008. (Project Code: D08 001 007)  - HK$0.9 Million
  2. “Enhance competitiveness of logistics SMEs service providers in value-added services through the development of a training program” in  2009. (Project Code: D09 002 003) – HK$0.95 Million
  3. “Knowledge Sharing of Logistics Best Practices to General SMEs in Hong Kong – Part 2” in  2010. (Project Code: D10 001 004)  - HK$1.33 Million
  4. “A Support Program to Enhance the Capabilities of Hong Kong’s SMEs in Handling High Value Logistics Services” in 2012. (Project Code: D12 001 002) – HK$.095 Million

ITF Fund

  1. “An Intelligent Fabric Sample Resources Management System (FRMS) for Fashion Product Development (ITP/028/08TP)” in 2008 – HK$862,293
  2. “Conversion to an Industrial Scale Project - An Intelligent Fabric Sample Resources Management System (FRMS) for Fashion Product Development (ITP/018/10TP)” in 2011 – HK$992,352
  3. Development of an Intelligent Business Process Management Decision Support System for Mould Manufacturers (UIT/095) in 2007 – HK$320,000
  4. Development of a Case-based Performance Measurement System for Logistics Service Providers in Cross-border Operations (UIT/103) in 2009 – HK$330,000
  5. Development of an Intelligent Workflow Mining System for Sharing Information in Business Operations in the Garment Trading Industry (UIT/109) in 2011 – HK$330,000


Book Chapter

  • K.L. Choy (2007), “Design of an RFID-Enabled Knowledge-Based Logistics Management System”, in Connective Technologies in the Supply Chain, Edited by Sammeer , Auerbach Publications, Taylor & Francis Group ISBN: 1-4200-4349-8

Selected Journals

  1. K.L. Choy, H.K.H. Chow, T.C. Poon and G.T.S. Ho (2012) “Cross-dock job assignment problem in space-constrained industrial logistics distribution hubs with a single docking zone”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol 50 (9), pp. 2439-2450.
  2. Cheung, Bernard K-S, Choy, K.L., Li, Chung-Lun, Shi, Wenzhong, Tang, Jian (2008), “Dynamic routing model and solution methods for fleet management with mobile technologies”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 113 (2), pp. 694-705.
  3. Chung S.H., Lau H.C.W., Choy K.L., Ho G.T.S. and Tse Y.K. (2010) “Application of genetic approach for advanced planning in multi-factory environment” International Journal of Production Economics , 127, pp. 300-308.
  4. Tse, Ying Kei; Tan, Kim Hua; Ting, S.L.; K.L. Choy; Ho, G.T.S.; Chung S.H. (2012), “Improving postponement operation in warehouse: An intelligent pick and pack decision support system", International Journal of Production Research (In-Press)
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