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On 22 April, a delegation “Stifterverband” composed of 18 Vice Presidents, CIOs and Heads of Online Learning from German universities has paid a visit to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) to exchange and share experience on blended-learning and foster collaboration. Stifterverband is a business community initiative advocating long-term improvement of the German education and research landscape. The delegation aimed to evaluate the forefront efforts by selective Asian universities, including PolyU, on the application of digital technologies in higher education. In the area of digital learning, PolyU was a Gold Winner in the Asia category in the Wharton QS Reimagine Education Awards 2015 and a Platinum Winner of the LearnX Impact Awards on Best E-Learning Design in 2016.

PolyU senior management and academics, including Prof. Angelina Yuen, Vice President (Student and Global Affairs), Prof. Chetwyn Chan, Associate Vice President (Learning and Teaching), Prof. Eric Tsui and Prof. WB Lee at the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, introduced to the delegates the University’s plan, strategy and implementation of blended-learning, and shared the various ways of conducting online lectures, pedagogical design, personal learning environment and networks (PLE&N), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the research proposal on cloud-based open innovation and collaborative learning. Both parties also discussed the challenges and issues on the adoption of blended-learning and the role models to lead change in an institution.

This initial exchange was fruitful. The delegation has been planning more sharing and exchanges in 2017. 


四月二十二日,多間德國大學的副校長、資訊科技總監及網上學習部門主任共十八名成員組成Stifterverband代表團拜訪香港理工大學(理大),就混成學習(blended-learning)進行交流與經驗分享,促進互相合作。Stifterverband為商業群體的新計劃,提倡德國教育與科研前景的長期改善。是次拜訪的目的是評價包括理大在內的亞洲區大學,採用數碼科技於高等教育的顯著成果。在數碼教育領域上,理大是2015年華頓-QS教學創新獎亞洲區金獎得主,亦獲2016年LearnX Impact Awards 最佳電子學習設計的白金獎。




A delegation of Vice Presidents, CIOs and Heads of Online Learning from German universities pays a visit to PolyU to exchange and share experience on blended-learning.



The German delegates and PolyU senior management exchange views and experiences on digital technologies applications in higher education.



The German delegates share their experience in blended-learning.


Source: PolyU website