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Speaker: Dr. Rongguang Liang, Professor at College of Optical Sciences, The University of Arizona 

Date: 11 Jan 2019 (Friday)

Time: 16:30 – 17:30

Venue: CF 401

Language: English

(This seminar is open to public.)




Dr. Rongguang Liang is a Professor at College of Optical Sciences, The University of Arizona, where he earned his PhD in 2001. Prior to his return to academia in 2011, he was a Senior Principal Research Scientist at Carestream Health Inc and Principal Research Scientist at Eastman Kodak Co. His research in industry focused on developing optical technologies for digital consumer imaging and biomedical imaging.  Dr. Liang’s current research focuses on optical engineering and biomedical optical imaging.  Dr. Liang is a SPIE fellow and an Associate Editor of Optica.


Ultra-precision diamond machining is now capable of generating surfaces with sub-micrometer form accuracy and nanometer surface roughness, which are of high demand in the optical, electronic, and aerospace industries. The process of metrology and compensation is essential to align the diamond tool and control the surface generation process, and improve machining accuracy. One technical hurdle in high throughput precision diamond turning fabrication is metrology. This presentation will first discuss the challenges,  review current techniques, and then discuss snapshot interferometric systems for on-machine metrology.