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Gold Medal with the Congratulations of Jury評判特別嘉許金獎

Intelligent 3D Stereoscopic Imaging System on Plenoptic Camera 全聚焦光場相機的智能三維成像系統
By Ir Prof. Wing Bun LEE李榮彬教授

The intelligent 3D imaging system with internal reflection unit can capture multiple angles of an object at the same time, generating a high-quality 3D image or video with depth map information after image processing.


3 700

Winning Project Intelligent 3D Stereoscopic Imaging System on Plenoptic Camera (Principal Investigator: Ir. Prof. Wing Bun LEE)
理大獲獎科研項目 全聚焦光場相機的智能三維成像系統 (發明者:李榮彬教授)


Gold Medal 金獎

Micro-embossing Equipment for Precision Optical Microstructures 用於光學微結構的精密微納印壓設備
By Dr Lihua LI李莉華博士

The novel micro-embossing equipment with graphite-like carbon film can produce micron-level micro-structural optical components in glass using self-developed heating technology and innovative mould design.The equipment enables rapid and accurate impression of small aspheric lens and fine optical microstructures such as microlens array.


geneva2018 2

Winning Project Micro-embossing Equipment for Precision Optical Microstructures (Principal Investigator: Dr Lihua LI) (second from right)
理大獲獎科研項目 用於光學微結構的精密微納印壓設備 (發明者:李莉華博士) (second from right)


The 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, held from 11 to 15 April, has attracted 823 exhibitors from 40 countries/regions, showcasing around 1,000 new products. Under the patronage of the Swiss Federal Government, the State and the City of Geneva as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization, it is the biggest event of its kind globally.


(Source: PolyU Website)