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Incoming Students

PolyU is located close to the city centre, putting you in the perfect position to experience everything Hong Kong has to offer while enjoying a vibrant and active student life. From inspiring talks by distinguished speakers, to hikes in the Hong Kong hills, cultural excursions, workshops and exploring the city’s vibrant nightlife, there’s always something to see and do.

PolyU offers wide range of courses for student exchange. Take a look at the available courses, which are listed by programme and divided into Semester 1 and Semester 2. You’re required to complete a minimum of 9 credits and a maximum of 18 credits per semester. Most subjects carry 3 credits each (approximately 39 teaching hours), so we recommend taking 4-6 subjects per semester.


Your 'host' department during your exchange will be the academic department that offers the academic programme you are admitted to. At least 50% of your enrolled subjects must come from the host department. Being attached to a host department will give you priority in registering for subjects within that department. The rest of workload can be subjects offered by other departments. All registrations are subject to the approval of the respective departments.


Available Programmes

Faculty of Applied Sciences and Textiles (FAST)


Subject List
(Semester 1)

Subject List
(Semester 2)

Department of Applied Biology & Chemical Technology (ABCT)                                                   

  • BSc(Hons) in Chemical Technology [12447]
  • BSc(Hons) in Applied Biology with Biotechnology [12451]
  • BSc(Hons) in Food Safety and Technology [12454]

Department of Applied Mathematics (AMA)

  • BSc(Hons) in Investment Science [63423]

Department of Applied Physics (AP) 

  • BSc(Hons) in Engineering Physics [11439]

Institute of Textiles & Clothing (ITC)

  • BA(Hons) Scheme in Fashion and Textiles [14490]


Faculty of Business (FB)

Subject List
(Semester 1)

Subject List
(Semester 2)

School of Accounting & Finance (AF)                                                                                       

  • BBA(Hons) in Accountancy [02402-BAC]
  • BBA(Hons) in Accounting and Finance [02402-BAF]
  • BBA(Hons) in Financial Services [02402-BFS]

Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies (LMS)

  • BBA(Hons) in Aviation Management and Logistics [02402-AML]
  • BBA(Hons) in International Shipping and Transport Logistics [02402-IST]
  • BBA(Hons) in Global Supply Chain Management [02402-GSC]

Department of Management & Marketing (MM)

  • BBA(Hons) in Management [02402-MGT]
  • BBA(Hons) in Marketing [02402-MKT]

Postgraduate programmes

Faculty of Business Research Postgraduate Studies Section

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) [02008-XBA]
  • MSc in China Business Studies [02006-XCB]
  • MSc in Business Management [02012-XBM]

School of Accounting & Finance (AF)

  • Master of / Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Accounting [21046-XPA] 
  • Master of Corporate Governance [20147-XCG] 
  • Master of Finance (Investment Management) [21050-XIM]
  • Master of Finance (Financial Economics in Energy and Environment) [21050-XEE]
  • MSc in Accountancy [21049-XAC]

Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies (LMS)

  • MSc in Management (Operations Management) [44085-XOM]
  • MSc/PgD in International Shipping and Transport Logistics [44087-XIF]
  • MSc/PgD in Global Supply Chain Management [44089-XGS]

Department of Management and Marketing (MM)

  • MSc in Marketing Management [23089-XKF]
  • MSc in Management (Human Resource Management) [23087-XHF]
Faculty of Construction and Environment (FCE)


Subject List
(Semester 1)

Subject List
(Semester 2)

Department of Building & Real Estate (BRE)                                                                                

  • BSc(Hons) in Building Engineering & Management [32405-BEM]
  • BSc(Hons) in Property Management [32405-PMT]
  • BSc(Hons) in Surveying [32405-SUV]

Department of Building Services Engineering (BSE)

  • BEng(Hons) in Building Services Engineering [33477]

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

  • BEng(Hons) in Civil Engineering [31469] 
  • BEng (Hons) in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development [31474]
  • BSc(Hons) in Environmental and Occupational Safety & Health [31470]

Department of Land Surveying & Geo-Informatics (LSGI)

  • BSc(Hons) in Geomatics [34414]
  • BSc(Hons) in Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics [34478]


Faculty of Engineering (FENG)


Subject List
(Semester 1)

Subject List
(Semester 2)

Department of Computing (COMP)                                                                                              

  • BSc(Hons) Broad Discipline of Computing [61431]  

Department of Electrical Engineering (EE)

  • BEng (Hons) in Transportation Systems Engineering [41481]
  • BEng(Hons) in Electrical Engineering [41470]

Department of Electronic & Information Engineering (EIE)

  • BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering [42470]
  • BSc(Hons) in Internet and Multimedia Technologies [42477]
  • BSc(Hons) in Information Security [42480]

Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE)

  • BEng(Hons) in Industrial and Systems Engineering [45498-ISE] 
  • BSc(Hons) in Enterprise Engineering with Management [45499-EEM] 
  • BEng (Hons) in Product Engineering with Marketing [45498-PEM] 
  • BSc (Hons) in Logistics Engineering and Management [45499-LEM]

Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

  • BEng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering [43478] 
  • BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis with Design [05403-PDE]

Interdisciplinary Division of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering (AAE)

  • BEng (Hons) in Air Transport Engineering [48401]
  • BEng (Hons) in Aviation Engineering [48402]

Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

  • BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Engineering [47401]


Faculty of Health & Social Sciences (FHSS)


Subject List
(Semester 1)

Subject List
(Semester 2)

Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS)                                                                            

  • BA(Hons) in Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management [54458]
  • BA(Hons) in Social Policy and Administration [54439-SPA]
  • BA(Hons) in Social Work [54439-SW]

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS)

  • BSc(Hons) in Physiotherapy [51456]
  • BSc(Hons) in Occupational Therapy [51457]

Department of Health Technology and Informatics (HTI)

  • BSc(Hons) in Medical Laboratory Science [55408]

School of Nursing (SN)

  • BSc(Hons) in Nursing [53455]
  • BSc(Hons) in Mental Health Nursing [53482]

School of Optometry (SO)

  • BSc(Hons) in Optometry [52444]


Faculty of Humanities (FH)


Subject List
(Semester 1)

Subject List
(Semester 2)

Department of Chinese & Bilingual Studies (CBS)                                                                       

  • BA(Hons) in Chinese and Bilingual Studies [72418]

Department of English (ENGL)

  • BA(Hons) in English Studies for the Professions [71418]

Department of Chinese Culture (CC)


School of Design (SD)


Subject List
(Semester 1)

Subject List
(Semester 2)

School of Design                                                                                                                     

  • BA (Hons) in Advertising Design [73416-AD]
  • BA (Hons) in Communication Design [73416-CD]
  • BA (Hons) in Digital Media [73432]*
  • BA (Hons) in Environmental & Interior Design [73416-EID]
  • BA (Hons) in Interactive Media [73436]*
  • BA (Hons) in Product Design [73416-PRD]

Students applying for these programmes are required to submit portfolio.  
Application without portfolio will not be processed.


*Students applying for BA (Hons) Digital Media and BA (Hons) Interactive Media should be in
Year 2 or above of their undergraduate studies at the time of nomination.


Note: Not all disciplines are open to application every semester.  
Please contact the International Affairs Office for information.



School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM)


Subject List
(Semester 1)

Subject List
(Semester 2)

School of Hotel and Tourism Management                                                                                   

  • BSc(Hons) in Hotel Management [24442-HMH] 
  • BSc(Hons) in Tourism Management [24442-HMT] 


General Education Centre (GEC)


Subject List
(Semester 1)

Subject List
(Semester 2)

General Education Centre (GEC)                                                                                               

  • General Education Subject


English Language Centre (ELC)

Nomination and Application Deadlines



Semester 1 (Sep – Dec)

Semester 2 (Jan – May)


15 Mar for School of Design

26 Mar for all other discipline

15 Sep for School of Design

26 Sep for all other discipline


15 Apr

15 Oct



Nomination procedure please refer to PolyU Exchange Factsheet.


How do I apply?

Follow the steps below to apply and submit your application.

1. Exchange partners

Check whether PolyU is partnered with your home university. If it isn’t, you can apply as a Study Abroad Student which means you will need to pay a tuition fee.

For Study Abroad applicant, please express your interest by sending the following information to before the nomination deadline: full name, year of study, home university, intended programme of study at PolyU, tentative subjects at PolyU, latest official transcript, CV, portfolio (for application to School of Design) and letter of intent (for application to Advertising Design at School of Design).

2. Browse courses and subjects

As an exchange student you can take subjects from all the faculties (check the requirements of each course) if the subjects are approved by your home university. Make sure at least 50% of your enrolled subjects must come from the host department.

3. Nominated for exchange

Consult with your home university to be nominated for exchange. Every university has its own requirements for exchange students, so for the most accurate information consult with your home university. All nominated exchange students should possess English proficiency of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent although no proof of English proficiency is required for exchange students from partner universities.

4. Invitation to apply

If you are nominated, you will receive an invitation to apply. The invitation will be sent to you via email and you will need to fill out an application form.

5. Apply online

Fill in the online application form and upload all the required supporting documents (CV, official transcript with grading scale, portfolio (for application to School of Design), letter of intent (for application to Advertising Design at School of Design), copy of passport or Hong Kong ID Card, visa application form, financial proof, etc. Specifications of supporting documents are available in the application instructions.

You may find that the final subject list may not be available at the time you submit your application hence you will only be asked to provide a preliminary choice of subjects of your interest on the online application form. It is important that you are flexible with your subject selection as you may be required to change if those you have selected are not available. You will still be able to modify your selection after you have received confirmation on the availability and timetables of your chosen subjects. Make sure at least 50% of your enrolled subjects must come from the host department.

6. Submit your visa application

The PolyU International Affairs Office will handle your visa application for you. You are required to send by post completed visa application form and two passport-sized photos to International Affairs Office by the application deadline. The administration fee is HKD550 which covers the visa fee and courier to your home. More details can be found in the PolyU Exchange Factsheet

What's it like to live in Hong Kong?

Spending a semester in Asia' s World City is an experience of a lifetime for every student. You have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to enjoy the mixture of the East and West and to study in a creative environment.

The next steps

Successful applicants will receive admission email about six weeks from application deadline. We will guide you on your next steps by email. Enquiry should be sent to by stating your name and home institution. 

1. Subject registration

Final subject lists will be available in early August (semester 1) and early December (semester 2). Instructions will be sent by email to successful applicants in July and November respectively. Add/drop period is usually scheduled in week 1 and 2 of teaching weeks.

2. Accommodation

Exchange students from partner universities, who are enrolled into one of the undergraduate programmes at PolyU, are guaranteed accommodation at PolyU Student Halls of Residence for a twin-sharing room. No single room is available. Application instructions will be sent to successful applicants in the admission email. Application period is usually in early August and early December.

Study Abroad students are required to arrange their own accommodation in Hong Kong. We do advise students to find their accommodation before arriving in Hong Kong. Some housing information in the market can be found here.

3. Insurance

You will be responsible for your own medical and dental costs during your stay in Hong Kong. You are therefore required to take out an appropriate travel and health insurance scheme.

In addition to the University Health Services (UHS) provided by PolyU and the public medical services, PolyU has also arranged a Group Personal Accident Insurance for all PolyU registered students. The insurance only covers bodily injury occurs during activities organized by PolyU. Therefore all exchange students must enroll in an appropriate insurance plan to protect themselves in case of accidents and they will be requested to provide a copy of the Insurance certificate and policy before departure from home. The insurance plan should cover the entire exchange period with the start date and end date matching the student’s flight departure/return arrival dates and the following items:

  • Medical expenses (including out-patient, hospital expenses and accident)

  • Personal accident (as the result of any illness, injury, disability or accident)

  • Personal liability covering the legal liability of causing the death of a third part or property damage due to negligence

  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains (due to accident/illness/other causes).

4. Flight arrangement

You can arrange your flight as soon as your travel dates are confirmed but it is advisable that payments should only be made after you have received your student visa from us. You should also pay attention to the terms and conditions of your tickets, particularly tickets at special fares.

You are expected to arrive approximately one week prior to the start of the semester and the exact date will be specified in your admission letter. Most exchange students depart after they finish the exam. The exam schedule will be announced in the middle of the semester. You are strongly advised NOT to confirm your return flight until you receive the exam timetable. However, if you have to confirm the return date at the time you purchase the ticket, please schedule your flight at the end of the exam period. 

5. Important dates


Semester 1 (Sep - Dec)

Semester 2 (Jan - May)

Hall check-in

27 Aug 2019

8 Jan 2020

Registration & Orientation

28 & 30 Aug 2019 (tent.)

9 & 10 Jan 2020 (tent.)

Class begins:

2 Sep 2019

13 Jan 2020

Class ends:

30 Nov 2019

18 Apr 2020

Exam Period:

5 - 20 Dec 2019

24 Apr - 12 May 2020

Online academic calendar:

Fees and expenses

As an exchange student, you do not need to pay additional tuition fees to PolyU. You will, however, still be required to pay your tuition fees at your home university.

As a study abroad student, you need to pay tuition fee to PolyU.

Whether you are exchange student or study abroad student, make sure you keep the following costs in mind:

  1. Return flight ticket
  2. Accommodation
  3. Visa application fees
  4. Insurance
  5. Daily expenses (food, laundry, etc.)
  6. Text books and stationery


Below is an estimated summary of living expenses per month. 




Accommodation (PolyU Student Halls of Residence)






Laundry & air conditioning in residence



Miscellaneous expenses




  • One semester lasts for approximately 4.5 months.
  • The above estimates are for reference only. The actual amount required will vary depending on individuals' lifestyles and preferences.
  • The above does not include expenses for return flight tickets, local transportation, insurance, clothing, entertainment and textbooks.
  • Approximate exchange rate is USD1.00 = HKD7.80.