Hong Kong, just like other parts of the world, is faced with the pandemic threat. While the HKSAR Government has promulgated Preparedness Plan for Influenza Pandemic, individual corporations should take their own proactive actions for business continuity planning, including the appointment of a workplace pandemic coordinator or team.

As part of our communication network for pandemic influenza preparedness on campus, Head of Department should appoint staff member to take up the role of Designated Internal Communication Person and notify Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO) duly.

Health and Safety Responsibilities

  • Assist Head of Department in updating the internal communication database of staff / students in the department for health emergency.
  • Serve as an internal communicator for any confirmed case of Human Swine / Avian Flu / Influenza Pandemic in the department.
  • Assist in tracing of persons who have had close contact with these patients, as per the advice of health authority and HSEO.