Supervisory Arrangement

Each RPg student registered for PolyU’s RPg programme shall follow an approved programme of research and coursework under a Chief Supervisor and Co-supervisor, if appropriate.

With a view to providing both departments and newly-admitted RPg students opportunities to identify the most appropriate supervisors, the D/SRCs shall follow one of the following supervisory arrangements:

  1. For RPg student admitted with a detailed research proposal and a proposed Chief Supervisor and one/more/no Co-supervisors, the D/SRC shall (i) assign a Chief Supervisor, (ii) assign one/more Co-supervisors as appropriate, and (iii) approves the student’s research proposal when making the admission decision.
  2. For RPg student admitted without being assigned a Chief Supervisor and without an approved research project at the point of admission, i.e., on the first day of his/her affiliation with the Department/School, the Department/School is obliged to assign the most suitable staff member(s) as supervisor(s) within four months of admission, and the RPg student and his/her supervisor(s) are required to formulate a research proposal for the D/SRC’s approval within four months of admission. Usually, three months after admitting the RPg student, the Department/School will invite him/her to submit the requisite information on the supervisor(s) and research proposal using Form GSB/49 and Form GSB/1A.  Joint PhD student will be required to submit an updated study plan. Upon receipt of the required documents, the Department/School will confirm the supervision arrangement and programme of study with the student concerned in written.