Department of Computing (COMP)

Department of Computing offers great support in service design, system and app development. With the help of COMP, the GreenCoin app comes to life and works on different mobile device models in impressive visual design, making the onboarding experience for users amusing and helpful.


Carbon World Limited supports recycling in Hong Kong with its wide range of reverse vending machines and operates an incentive scheme. As one of the partners of GreenCoin, recycling is made easy on campus and users can exchange our Coins for Carbon Coins, thus broadening the usability of rewards on both schemes.


PolyU Student Affairs Office’s Counselling and Wellness Section (CWS) is one of the partners of GreenCoin who shares the same mission on wellness promotion. With their help, students and staff are encouraged to participate in sports activities as they can pick and redeem the e-coupons for a free session of Fitness Room, Basketball Court, Indoor Soccer (Futsal) Court and Badminton Court in Block X Sports Centre.

Culture Promotion and Events Office (CPEO)

Culture Promotion and Events Office offers valuable opportunities for GreenCoin users to enjoy an array of entertaining and inspiring cultural activities and programmes.

Green Monday

Green Monday has been our reliable partner in promoting green culture and veggie diet on campus, particularly in the University’s annual VeggieLicious event. GreenCoin is delighted to receive its warm support as Green Monday offers a wide variety of healthy and veggie snacks for redemption, which helps incite the campus community to explore the benefits of a green lifestyle.

H Cafe (American Diner) (H咖啡室)

H Cafe (American Diner) (H咖啡室) (Podium Level, Block FGHJ Courtyard) shows their support to boost the bring-your-own (BYO) culture on campus. It offers e-coupons to reward those who choose to dine-in.

LIBCAFE (圖書館咖啡室)

LibCafe (Podium Level, Pao Yue-kong Library) supports a green dining culture. It offers Coins to those who use bring-your-own (BYO) containers to carry takeaway meals, and offers e-coupons to reward those who choose to dine-in.