Frequently Asked Questions

Read below if you are looking for trouble-shooting tips and more information.

It is open for all current PolyU staff and students, and is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can visit the DOWNLOAD section and check for details.

You only need an Internet-connected handheld mobile phone, compatible with iOS® 10 and above or with Android™7.0 and above, and then install the dedicated GreenCoin app on your mobile phone. Also, you are advised to check and see if we have released any app updates as we are continuously improving its functionalities and settings to bring better user experience. Related announcements will be made through our website.

By installing and using the GreenCoin app on your phone, you can perform multiple functionalities such as earning Coins, viewing your earned Coins, checking the available offers, and redeeming offers (e-coupons). You can manage them all easily by swiping left or right, or by clicking the buttons shown on the app. You can read from the HOW IT WORKS and the EARN COINS sections of our website for more information.

Login the app using your personal and unique NetID is a must, and you are required to read through and accept the Terms and Conditions before you can use it officially. The app may prompt you to re-login after some time for security purpose, and just login again with your NetID to stay.

You do not need to submit any sensitive personal information in order to download the app. But you must be aware that you need to login with your NetID to run the app on your mobile phone.

GreenCoin operates all in-app coin crediting and e-coupon redemption activities electronically which is the perfect way to save paper. NO print-out records will be provided.

You should install the app on only one device (one mobile phone), and log in to run the app on one device at a time.

You only need to download and install the GreenCoin app again onto your new mobile device, and login to run it with your same NetID. Your GreenCoin profile should show the same as that on your previous device.

You are most welcome to invite your colleagues and fellow students to read the DOWNLOAD section of our website, and to start downloading the GreenCoin app directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Or you can visit the PolyU App Centre / iPolyU app where you can find all university-related apps including this GreenCoin app.

You will be given nine (9) Coins upon your first-time installation and first-time use of the GreenCoin app as an incentive.

You can earn Coins by living and dining green and joining selected sustainability activities on campus, for example, practicing bring-your-own (BYO) food/drinks containers at dedicated campus catering outlets, supporting in beverage containers recycling (plastic bottle, tetra pak, aluminum can) via reverse vending machines (RVM), and joining designated events and activities.

You can read from the EARN COINS and the ANNOUNCEMENTS sections of our website for more information. Be careful to check the details and terms so that you know well about your eligibility.

Coins earned during any given day will be reflected in no more than 24 hours.

Each user is given a unique GreenCoin User ID, which you can find on your GreenCoin app. This is a validation QR that you can use for verification or for other activity such as Coin-earning at designated locations and campaigns. If you want to know your Coin activities (Coin-earning and utilization) and Coin status, use the GreenCoin app on your mobile phone to read your Coin balance and redemption records regularly.

When you drop beverage containers into the Reverse Vending Machine, you can get ONE (1) Coin per bottle/tetra pak/aluminum can as long as it is accepted and taken by the machine. The machine runs on its own database of beverage containers which covers the majority of common beverage containers in the market. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that it doesn’t accept the container that you put into.

Unspent Coins will reset to zero on 31 December 2021, and on every 30 June and 31 December from 2022 onwards. We may adjust the expiry of unspent Coins if we see the need, and we will make announcements and communicate with our users.

Coins are valid for converting to e-coupons as soon as they are credited to the GreenCoin app on your device. Coins will be maintained within the app, and will be deducted when you decide to convert Coins to available e-coupons/awards. Follow the instruction on the app, select the e-coupon or offer you want, and click ‘Redeem’ to convert Coins to e-coupons for use.

You can keep at most FIVE (5) redeemed and unused in-app e-coupons at any one time.

E-coupons will be valid for one-time use in within thirty (30) minutes after redemption. If the redeemed e-coupons are not used or have expired after 30 minutes, these e-coupons will no longer display under “In Your Pocket” and the Coins will be refunded or returned to your GreenCoin profile so it won’t affect you.

Present your in-app redeemed e-coupons via the GreenCoin app to the counter staff or cashier staff of the dedicated campus facility when you want to use the e-coupons. Remember that the e-coupons will be valid for one-time use in within thirty (30) minutes after redemption so better act fast. The e-coupon should facilitate your personal use and is not transferrable and not exchangeable for cash.

Read the E-COUPONS and the ANNOUNCEMENTS sections for current offers. Promotions and offers run from time to time and they are only valid for use on campus. Individual quota applies on every e-coupon and may have an expiry date. Redemption of e-coupons are on a first-come-first-served basis. Details and content of these promotions and offers are all subject to change without prior notice.

You should not share your Coins and redeemed e-coupons with others. We believe every one of you is unique and should be rewarded for your acts of green individually.

All available e-coupons are shown. If any e-coupon is no longer there, it may have already expired or its quota is full.

To avoid disturbances, there will not be push notifications but we strongly encourage you to login the app and check regularly.