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2 Tan Choon KiatResized

Tan Choon Kiat

Engineering Physics, Malaysia (Graduate)

PolyU is a well-known university around the world; Knowing the fact that PolyU graduates are always more favorable by employers, I feel proud as a PolyU graduate. High knowledge provided by lecturers in PolyU could help me a lot in my future career as this knowledge increase my capability to well perform in job.
Emily Shi 560 X 860Resized

Emily Shi

Electrical Engineering, Chinese Mainland

I took the service-learning "Technology beyond Borders: Service Learning Across Cultural, Ethnic and Community Lines". I travelled to Rwanda to provide training for villagers to set up the electrical systems and information technology facilities.

In Rwanda, as of May 2014, only about 19% of the households had access to electricity services and electricity use per capita is extremely low. In view of this, our team made use of this trip to train 20 local young people from two villages to install sustainable electrical systems. Our team and the trainees worked together and installed 45 sets of solar systems for the villagers and wired up their houses. With renewable electricity, our service increased the working hours of the villagers, improved the study conditions of the children, and enhanced their quality of life.

We offered manuals and training workshops to NGO staff and local young people, equipping them with the whole set of practical skills and knowledge, so that they would be able to conduct regular maintenance, and even install such systems themselves benefitting even more villagers. We also formed a small team to provide information communication technology service to our NGO partners, such as setting up the network and internet access for their satellite offices, upgrading the server at their headquarters, and arranging a social media marketing workshop for them, etc.
Shilpa Gurung 560 X 860Resized

Shilpa Gurung

Applied Biology with Biotechnology, UK (Graduate)

I chose to study at PolyU because I wanted to explore the world, understand different backgrounds and learn to live independently. One of the biggest attractions of PolyU was its curriculum which focuses on practical learning in addition to theoretical learning. My field is technical, so this really appealed to me. 

As an International student ambassador, I have had lots of chances to organise events. One of the challenging, but yet one of the exciting things I did at PolyU was organising an international film festival during my studies. This has given me the opportunity to contact film directors and marketing personnel from different parts of the world. I was the Vice President of Education at PolyU Toastmasters Club, which is an International Speech Club, and I was also a Peer mentor coordinator at the Peer Mentoring programme.

As an organiser of the non-local orientation with other students, I found it exciting to meet and welcome new students from all around the world. At PolyU, I understood the importance of seeking new opportunities to broaden my horizons and enrich my experiences.

PuReaNae Jang

Hotel Management, South Korea (Graduate)

As often described, Hong Kong is a city where east meets west. The city has established a strong presence in the World University Rankings by providing a stimulating "intellectual environment" and genuine learning opportunities. Universities in Hong Kong are welcoming and highly supportive to international students. English is used as the primary medium of instruction at universities, and various scholarships and sponsorships are made available to international students.

I chose to study Hotel Management at PolyU since The School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) is renowned for the best Hotel Management School in Asia. The school has its own research and training Hotel where students can gain practical experience to take academic endeavors beyond the classroom, into the real world. The school further offers students with internship opportunities every summer, and these experiences truly allow students to map out clear career paths. Last but not least, the student exchange program completes the last piece of the puzzle and provides a life-changing experience. I have no doubt that my exchange in Vienna, Austria was one of the best moments ever in my life.

Andreas Fransson

Fashion and Textile, Sweden (Graduate)

Fashion and Textile Technology programme at PolyU has given me a deep insight into the overall fashion and textile industry in Hong Kong and globally. It also provided me with the technical knowledge of related applications in the industry and business world.

At PolyU, I have also gained meaningful experiences through participating in extra-curricular activities and programmes. I spent six months in New Delhi, India, through an exchange programme with Pearl Academy of Fashion in New Delhi where I gained further knowledge about the industry as well as learning and understanding a completely new culture. Besides, there are also many opportunities for extra-curricular activities at PolyU, for example, I participated in an Asian debate competition in Beijing, China, as a representative of PolyU.

I believe what I like most about PolyU is its strive and commitment to create a global educational institution through the nurturing of an international study environment. PolyU locates in a great location and has a wide range of activities and opportunities offers to students.

Sum Xin Yi

Fashion and Textiles (Fashion Design), Singapore

The PolyU Entry Scholarship I am currently on fully subsidises my academic school fees.

This is of great help to me and my family, especially since the fees for an international student like me is not cheap. This full subsidy also allows me to allocate more funds to other areas, like general living expenses, materials for school projects, additional extracurricular classes, and even short overseas study or exposure trips.

HK PolyU appeared as one of the top results from my google searches for top fashion colleges in Asia and more in-depth sift through its website, multiple college forums and press only cemented its impressive reputation. Not only did HK PolyU boast an internationally acclaimed fashion school, it being in Hong Kong, the crossroads of the East and West, also meant it brims with creative inspiration as well as opportunities for any future career progression.
8 ManonMaria Anna PetronellaResized

ManonMaria Anna Petronella

Management, Netherlands

I majored in Management and embarked on an internship in a logistics company. From day one, I wanted to demonstrate that I am eager and open to learn new things and that I am able to logically apply my existing knowledge to different situations.

During the internship I successfully completed a number of assigned projects. These projects were mostly sales and marketing related but one in particular made me feel especially proud, an informative corporate video. It was very rewarding to see the final product of what we created. Doing my internship made me realise that I have transferrable skills and am capable of working for a multinational company. In addition to my professional growth, I have also improved my Chinese language skills and visited many landmarks and museums to learn about Shanghai: its history, culture and people.
9 Jack ZhangResized jpg

Jack Zhang

Civil Engineering, Chinese Mainland

I tool the service learning subject "Educating Rural Farmers on Healthier Food Production". I have been to Heyuan, Guangdong in China to implement crops promotion service project.

The village I served lives on garlic farming. Since all the families there are growing garlics, there is an excessive supply. Some farmers therefore shift to making black garlics to earn a living, yet they have not managed to have a stable income because they are not good at business. In view of this, we had a field trip to Heyuan, gaining a better understanding of their needs and genuine situation, and started to sort out development plans for them after the trip. In fact, black garlic is a kind of health food which has become very popular in recent years. It has rich nutritious value and the benefit of cancer prevention. With its high nutritious and medical value, we saw huge business potentials and had the confidence in helping the farmers to improve the sale. We spent two months in making black garlic ourselves, regularly communicating with the farmers to identify their practical difficulties and needs, and assessing the possibilities of development and promotion. In late May, we visited Heyuan again to report our findings, analysis and the possible ways of promotion to the government officials.
Chen V Chunn 560 X 860Resized

Chen V Chunn

Accountancy, Malaysia

My internship in Shanghai was an interesting and inspiring experience. During my time there, I discovered a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to maintain my advantages and address challenges. I believe my experience will help me a lot in learning the finance-related courses, because I obtained the basic knowledge about the operation of financial market which assists me in understanding the financial theories.

I know this knowledge will greatly increase my competence in my future career. I learned how important it is to constantly equip myself with the latest information, knowledge and skills in the business field. I gained deeper insights into what areas I have a personal interest in, which will help me make decisions about my future career.
11 Benyada Jarungitsunthoned1

Benyada Jarungjitsunthon

International Shipping and Transport Logistics, Thailand

Freshmen Seminar class is very useful class in my 1st year. It not only helps me adjust myself from high school’s life to university’s life, but also allows me to explore more the world of business since I am being a freshman. Business plan project from this class is one of the most challenging things I have ever done and this would not go well if I did not have such a good professor giving me many pieces of advice. This ignites me the entrepreneurship instinct in myself and cannot wait to learn more the business facets from PolyU!

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