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Other Opportunities


UG Summer Research Abroad Sponsorship (USRA)

UG research programmes have been around for a long time, which enhance students’ learning experience and nurture the next generation of researchers/scholars. To align with the University’ strategic direction to provide international learning experience, GEO has sought the support from PolyU International Exchange and Partnership Fund and established the UG Summer Research Abroad Sponsorship Scheme (USRA).

USRA is a signature student learning scheme, which aims to provide financial support to encourage students to undertake research under the guidance and supervision of academics in overseas pre-eminent universities.

  • Application deadline: 31 January 2020
  • Result announcement: End-February 2020


Please refer to the application guidelines for the details such as eligibility, selection criteria and application procedure.

Downloadable resource: Application guidelines


Update on Programme Arrangements in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

In view of the latest global situation pertaining to the novel coronavirus, UG Summer Research Abroad Sponsorship (USRA) in 2020 is suspended.  No Sponsorship shall be distributed in 2020.

International Competition & Conference Participation Scheme (ICCPS)

To encourage and support PolyU full-time undergraduate students in UGC-funded programmes to participate in international competitions and conferences with the aim of widening their international exposure and learning opportunities.

The Scheme can offer subsidy up to 2/3 of expenses needed (flight, accommodation and participation fees only).

PolyU students in need may apply for bursaries to cover the remaining 1/3 of expenses.

Application open 1 Oct 2019 1 Jan 2020
Application deadline 31 Oct 2019 31 Jan 2020
Result announcement Mid-Dec 2019 Mid-Mar 2020

In view of the latest global situation pertaining to the COVID-19, upcoming round of funding application is suspended until further notice. 

Please refer to the application guidelines for the details such as eligibility, assessment criteria and application procedure.

Downloadable resources:

Individual Applicant (Apply here)


Group Application by PolyU Department (Apply here)


For enquiry:

Tel: 2766 5116

Address: ST305, Ng Wing Hong Building

Study Abroad Fund

To encourage PolyU undergraduate students taking up various Study Abroad Activities available, Global Engagement Office (GEO) offers Study Abroad Fund to support credit bearing or formally assessed learning activities that enhance students’ global outlook and multicultural competency. Such activity should be related to the discipline(s) of the degree being pursued.

Recommended Type of Activities
  • Global Classroom: Fee-paying Short-term programmes offered by PolyU Partner Institutions, or endorsed by GEO/academic units.
  • Programme-related study tours or field trips arranged by academic units.
  • International competition or conference (student participating as audience) that are reputable and influential in the field and of beneficial to students in terms of personal, academic and professional development. Endorsement from academic units is recommended.
  • Other offshore learning experience that are credit bearing or formally assessed.
  • Study Abroad Fund does not support internship, service learning, Global Student Exchange Programmes, Summer@OxBridge or ICCPS subsidy recipients.


  • Full-time undergraduate students in UGC-funded programmes (final-year students are not eligible to apply if the activity happens in Summer)
  • Learning experiences last for at least 5 calendar days (travel time excluded)


Funding Amount
  • Outside Asia

HKD5,000 (5 to 27 days);
HKD10,000 (28 days or above)

  • Asia

HKD3,000 (5 to 27 days);
HKD6,000 (28 days or above)

(Limited Funding, first-come-first-served)


Application Mechanism and Key Dates for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year
Activity Happens in Semester 1 to Winter Break
(1 Sep 2019 to 12 Jan 2020)
Semester 2 to Summer Break
(13 Jan 2020 to 31 Aug 2020)
Application Deadline 15 Oct - 15 Nov

Not Applicable
(In view of the latest global situation pertaining to the novel coronavirus, funding application is suspended.)

Application Instruction

Individual Application

For students to submit completed application to GEO with proof of confirmed participation to the off shore learning activities (Online application form)


Group Application

For academic units (Faculty/School/Department) to submit completed application to GEO for a group of students participating in the same programme/activity.

Programme/Activity coordinator to provide below information to GEO via

  1. Programme details
    (e.g. Programme/activity objective; learning outcome; hosting institution/organization; programme/activity duration and schedule; logistics arrangements including accommodation, visa and insurance; and programme cost breakdown.)
  2. Confirmed student participation list
Result Announcement 15 Dec Not Applicable
GEO inform assessment result to individual/academic unit
Report Submission 15 Feb Not Applicable

Individual Application

Student to submit full activity report and official transcript/certificate of completion in electronic copies to GEO


Group Application

Academic units to submit activity report to GEO for the group of students

Funding Disbursement 30 Mar Not Applicable
Disbursement will be made to individual students.


Government Subsidy

Government Subsidy is available to eligible students undertaking 2019-20 "Study Abroad Fund" funded activities. Please refer to this briefing note for details.