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YU Xiaoliang 於曉亮 (Dr)
PolyU Scholars Hub

YU Xiaoliang 於曉亮 (Dr)

Research Assistant Professor

Area of Specialization: Nanocarbon based materials; Interface design of composite materials; Electrochemical energy storage


PhD (Tsinghua University)

Short Description

Dr. Xiaoliang Yu obtained his BSc degree in 2011 and PhD degree in 2016, both from Tsinghua University. After graduation, he conducted his postdoctoral research in National Institute for Material Science in Japan for three and half years. In 2020, he joined The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a Research Assistant Professor.

Dr. Yu’s research interests focus on nanocarbon based materials for advanced electrode materials. He has published over 30 journal papers with more than 12,00 Google citations and an H-index of 17. He has been an active reviewer for multiple journals including Nat. Commun.Energy Storage Mater. and J. Mater. Chem. A.

Selected Publications

  1. X. Yu, J. Deng, X. Yang, et al. A dual-carbon-anchoring strategy to fabricate flexible LiMn2O4 cathode for advanced lithium-ion batteries with high areal capacity. Nano Energy 67 (2020): 104256.
  2. J. Deng#, X. Yu#, J. Tang et al. Highly reversible lithium storage in a conversion-type ZnCo2O4 anode promoted by NiCl2-xFx hydrate. J. Mater. Chem. A 8.5 (2020): 2356. # contributed equally
  3. X. Yu, J. Tang, R. Gao et al. Fabrication of graphene/MoS2 alternately stacked structure for enhanced lithium storage. Mater. Chem. Phys. 239 (2020): 121987.
  4. X. Yu, J. Deng, R. Lv et al. A compact 3D interconnected sulfur cathode for high-energy, high-power and long-life lithium-sulfur batteries. Energy Storage Mater. 20 (2019): 14.
  5. J. Deng#, X. Yu#, X. Qin et al. Co-B Nanoflakes as Multifunctional Bridges in ZnCo2O4 Micro-/Nanospheres for Superior Lithium Storage with Boosted Kinetics and Stability. Adv. Energy Mater. 9.14 (2019): 1803612. # contributed equally
  6. J. Deng#, X. Yu#, X. Qin et al. Controlled synthesis of anisotropic hollow ZnCo2O4 octahedrons for high-performance lithium storage. Energy Storage Materials 11 (2018): 184. # contributed equally
  7. X. Yu, J. Deng, C. Zhan et al. A high-power lithium-ion hybrid electrochemical capacitor based on citrate-derived electrodes. Electrochim. Acta 228 (2017): 76.
  8. J. Deng#, X. Yu#, Y. He et al. A sliced orange-shaped ZnCo2O4 material as anode for high-performance lithium ion battery.” Energy Storage Mater. 6 (2017): 61. contributed equally
  9. X. Yu, C. Zhan, R. Lv et al. Ultrahigh-rate and high-density lithium-ion capacitors through hybriding nitrogen-enriched hierarchical porous carbon cathode with prelithiated microcrystalline graphite anode. Nano Energy 15 (2015): 43.
  10. X. Yu, C. Zhan, R. Lv et al. Facile synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon nanosheets with hierarchical porosity for high performance supercapacitors and lithium–sulfur batteries. J. Mater. Chem. A 3.36 (2015): 18400. 

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