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YU Xiang 余翔 (Dr)
PolyU Scholars Hub

YU Xiang 余翔 (Dr)

Assistant Professor

Area of Specialization: Vibro-acoustic modelling; Acoustic metamaterial; Noise and vibration control; Advanced functional material; Lattice structure and porous material; Hearing and auditory perception; Active noise cancellation; Smart actuator; Acoustic black hole


BEng; PhD (HK PolyU)


Short Description

Dr Yu joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering as an assistant professor in 2022. He obtained his BEng with first class honours and PhD from the ME Department in 2011 and 2015, respectively. From 2015-2022, he worked as a research scientist III at the Institute of High Performance Computing, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore. His research interests primarily include vibroacoustics, metamaterial, advanced functional material, noise and vibration control, hearing-aid technology and active control. 
PhD/RA positions are available. Please contact Dr Yu for more information.


Selected Publications

  1. Y. Z. Mi, L. Cheng, W. Zhai, X. Yu*, “Broadband low-frequency sound attenuation in duct with embedded periodic sonic black holes”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 117138 (2022)
  2. Z. D Li, W. Zhai, X. W. Li, X. Yu, Z. Guo, Z. G. Wang*, “Additively manufactured dual-functional metamaterials with customizable mechanical and sound-absorbing properties”, Virtual and Physical Prototyping, 864-880 (2022)
  3. J. W. Chua, X. W. Li, T. Li, B. W. Chua, X. Yu*, W. Zhai*, “Customisable sound absorption properties of functionally graded metallic foams”, Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 108, 196-207 (2022)
  4. X. W. Li, X. Yu, W. Zhai*, “Additively manufactured deformation‐recoverable and broadband sound‐absorbing microlattice inspired by the concept of traditional perforated panels”, Advanced Materials 2104552 (2021)
  5. Y. Z. Mi, X. Yu*, “Isogeometric locally-conformal perfectly matched layer for time-harmonic acoustics”, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 377 113693 (2021)
  6. X. W. Li, X. Yu, J. W. Chua, H. P. Lee, J. Ding, W. Zhai*, “Microlattice metamaterials with simultaneous superior acoustic and mechanical energy absorption”, Small 2100336 (2021)
  7. Y. Z. Mi, W. Zhai, L. Cheng, C. Y. Xi, X. Yu*, “Wave trapping by acoustic black hole: Simultaneous reduction of sound reflection and transmission”, Applied Physics Letters, 118, 114101 (2021)
  8. Y. Z. Mi, X. Yu*, “Sound transmission of acoustic metamaterial beams with periodic inertial amplification mechanisms”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 499, 116009 (2021)
  9. X. Yu, Z. Lu, W. Zhai, “Enhancing the flow resistance and sound absorption of open-cell metallic foams by creating partially-open windows”, Acta Materialia, 206 116666 (2021)
  10. Y. Z. Mi, X. Yu*, “Isogeometric MITC shell”, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 377 113693 (2021)
  11. G. Fusaro, X. Yu, Z. B. Lu, J. Kang, F. S. Cui, “A Metawindow with optimised acoustic and ventilation performance”, Applied Siences (2021)
  12. Y. Z. Mi, X. Yu*, “Attenuation of low-frequency sound in U-shaped duct with membrane coupled acoustic resonator: modeling and analysis”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 489, 115679 (2020)
  13. Y. Z. Mi, Z. B. Lu, X. Yu*, “Acoustic inerter: Ultra-low frequency sound attenuation in a duct”, Journal of Acoustical Society of America-Express Letter, 148, EL27-EL32 (2020)
  14. G. Fusaro, X. Yu, J. Kang, F. S. Cui, “Development of metacage for noise control and natural ventilation in a window system”, Applied Acoustics, 170, 107510 (2020)
  15. Z. Lu, X. Yu, S. K. Lau, B. C. Khoo, F. S. Cui, “Membrane-type acoustic metamaterial with eccentric masses for broadband sound isolation”, Applied Acoustics, 157, 107003 (2020)
  16. X. Yu, “Design and in-situ measurement of the acoustic performance of a metasurface ventilation window”, Applied Acoustics, 152 127-132 (2019)
  17. X. Yu, Z. Lu, T. Liu, L. Cheng, J. Zhu, F. S. Cui, “Sound transmission through a periodic acoustic metamaterial grating”, Journal of sound and Vibration, 449, 140-156 (2019)
  18. X. Yu, H. B. Fang, F. S. Cui, L. Cheng, Z. B. Lu, “Origami-inspired foldable sound barrier designs”, Journal of sound and Vibration, 442, 514-526 (2019)
  19. H. B. Fang, X. Yu, L. Cheng, “Reconfigurable origami silencers for tunable and programmable sound attenuation”, Smart Materials and Structures, 27, 095007, (2018)
  20. M. Mirshekarloo, C. Y. Tan, X. Yu, L. Zhang, S. T. Chen, K. Yao, F. S. Cui, S. M. Pandit, S. H. Chong, S. T. Tan, “Transparent piezoelectric film speakers for windows with active noise mitigation function”, Applied acoustics, 137 90-97 (2018)
  21. X. Yu, Q. D. Zhang, J. Kang, F. S. Cui, “Predicting integrated thermal and acoustic performance in naturally ventilated high-rise buildings using CFD and FEM simulation”, Building Simulation: an International Journal, 11 507-518 (2018)
  22. W. Zhai, X. Yu, X. Song, Y. L. Ang, F. S. Cui, H. P. Lee, T. Li, “Microstructure-based experimental and numerical investigations on the sound absorption property of open-cell metallic foams processed by a controllable template replication technique”, Materials and Design, 137 108-116 (2017)
  23. X. Yu, Z. B. Lu, L. Cheng, F. S. Cui, “On the sound insulation of acoustic metasurface using a sub-structuring approach”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 401 190-203 (2017)
  24. X. Yu, S. K. Lau, L. Cheng, F. S. Cui, “A numerical investigation on the sound insulation of ventilation windows”, Applied acoustics, 117 113-121 (2017)
  25. X. Yu, Z. B. Lu, L. Cheng, F. S. Cui, “Tunable acoustic metamaterial with an array of resonators actuated by dielectric elastomer”, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 12 37-40, (2017)
  26. X. Yu, Z. B. Lu, L. Cheng, F. S. Cui, “Vibroacoustic modeling of an acoustic resonator tuned by dielectric elastomer membrane with voltage control”, Journal of Sound and Vibration 387 114-126 (2017)
  27. X. Yu, Y. H. Tong, J. Pan, H. M. Sun, Li Cheng, “On the retrofitted design of a truck muffler with cascaded sub-chambers”, Noise Control Engineering Journal. 64, 602-607 (2016)
  28. X. Yu, F. S. Cui, L. Cheng, “On the acoustic analysis and optimization of ducted ventilation systems using a sub-structuring approach”, Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 139, 279-289 (2016)
  29. X. Yu, Y. H. Tong, J. Pan, Li Cheng, “Sub-chamber optimization for silencer design”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 351 57-67 (2015)
  30. X. Yu, L. Cheng, X. Y. You, “Hybrid silencers with micro-perforated panels and internal partitions”, Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 137 951-962 (2015)
  31. X. Yu, L. Cheng, “Duct noise attenuation using reactive silencer with various internal configurations”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 335, 229-244 (2015)
  32. X. Yu, L. Cheng, J. L. Guyader, “Modeling vibroacoustic systems involving cascade open cavities and micro-perforated panels”, Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 136, 659-670 (2014)
  33. X. Yu, L. Cheng, J. L. Guyader, “On the modeling of sound transmission through a mixed separation of flexible structure with an aperture”, Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 135, 2785-2796 (2014)


Selected Research and Industry Projects

  1. PI, “Fast simulation of HRTF with anthropometric variations”
  2. PI, “Origami-inspired acoustic device design and characterization”
  3. PI, “Design of lightweight acoustic absorption panels based on aluminum micro-perforated materials”
  4. PI, “Acoustic modelling and design of lightweight honeycomb wall panel systems”
  5. PI, “Sound channel optimization modeling for hearing aids”
  6. Co-PI, “Sonic black holes in a perforated boundary-modulated retarding structure”
  7. Co-PI, “Machine learning based ear picture analysis and HRTF prediction”
  8. Co-PI, “Active and passive noise control in a business class cabin”
  9. Co-PI, “Novel sound-absorbing metallic foams with heterogeneous structure via template replication processing”

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