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CHOY Yat Sze 蔡逸思 (Dr)
PolyU Scholars Hub

CHOY Yat Sze 蔡逸思 (Dr)

Associate Professor

Area of Specialization: Sound induced vibration; Duct noise control; Building and room acoustics; Environmental noise measurement and control; Aeroacoustics; Sound Sources identification; Sound quality of product and its assessment; Soundscape study, planning and design




Short Description

Dr. Choy obtained her BEng degree with first class honour at the Department of Building Services Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After her graduation, she worked as an assistant engineer and engineer for nearly three years in Associated Consulting Engineers Limited which was one of the top three leading building services provider in Hong Kong. She then received her Doctor of Philosophy at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2003. Thereafter, she was employed as a research assistant and research associate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2003 and 2004 respectively and conducted the research of aeroacoustics. She then worked as a Lecturer in the Hong Kong Institution of Vocational Education, Tsing Yi in 2006. Dr. Choy joined The Hong Kong Polytechnic University again in 2007 and is serving as an Assistant Professor. She has conducted various research and consultancy projects in duct noise control, fan noise, building acoustics and environmental noise investigations. She is also a member of Institute of Acoustics and is serving as a reviewer for Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Honors and Awards

  • Faculty Research Grant Achievement Award, 2013
  • The Appreciation of Research Achievement by the Committee of Science and Technology Innovation of Shenzhen (深圳市科技創新委員會), 2012
  • Faculty Award in Industrial and Engineering Services Grant Achievement, 2011
  • Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers Prize, 1996


  • ME534 Engineering Acoustics
  • ME574 Product Noise Control
  • ME41002 Noise Abatement and Control
  • ME41003 Principles of Sound and Vibration

Selected Journal Publications

  1. Chiang Y. K., Choy Y. S. (2018) “Acoustic behaviors of the micro-perforated panel absorber array in nonlinear regime under moderate acoustic pressure excitation,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 143 538-549.
  2. Fei CW., Choy Y. S., Bai G. C. and Tang W. Z. (2018) “Multi-feature entropy distance approach with vibration and acoustic emission signals for process feature recognition for rolling element bearing faults,” Structural health monitoring, 16(3) 1-13.
  3. Chiang Y. K., Choy Y. S. and Tang S. K. (2017) “Vortex sound radiation in a flow duct with a dipole source and a flexible wall of finite length,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 141 1999-2010.
  4. Xi Q., Choy Y. S., Tang S. K. and Cheng L. (2016) “Noise control of dipole source by using micro-perforated panel housing,” J. Sound and Vib. 362, 39-55.
  5. Fei C W., Choy Y S., Hu D Y., Bai G C., and Tang W Z. (2016) “Dynamic probabilistic design approach of high-pressure turbine blade-tip radial running clearance,” Nonlinear Dynamics. 86(1), 205-223.
  6. Wang C. Q. and Choy Y. S. (2015) “Investigation of a compound perforated panel absorber with backing cavities partially filled with polymer materials,” ASME J. Vib. Acoust. 137. 044501-1-6.
  7. Liu Y., Choy Y. S., Huang L., and Cheng L. (2014) “Reactive control of subsonic axial fan noise in a duct,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 136, 1619-1630.
  8. Choy Y. S., Chau C.K., Tsui W. K. and Tang S. K. (2014) “Urban Soundscape of Recreational area in high population area,” Acta Acustica united with Acustica. 100, 1044-1055.
  9. Choy Y. S., Zhen H. S., Leung C. W., Cheung C. S. and Leung R. C. K. (2013) “Noise generation by open inverse diffusion flames,” Journal of Vibration and Control (Published on-line).
  10. Liu Y., Choy Y. S., Huang L., and Cheng L. (2012) “Noise suppression of a dipole source by tensioned membrane with side-branch cavities,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 132, 1392-1401.
  11. Wang X. N., Choy Y.S and Cheng L. (2012) “Hybrid noise control in duct by using light micro-perforated plate,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 132, 3778-3787.
  12. Choy Y. S., Liu Y., Cheung H. Y. and Lau K. T. (2012) “Development of a composite plate for compact silencer design,” J. Sound and Vib. 331, 2348-2364.
  13. Tse M. S., Chau C.K., Choy Y. S., Tsui W. K., Chan C. N. and Tang S. K. (2012) “Sound Preferences and Acoustic Comfort for Urban Park Soundscape,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 131, 2762-2771.
  14. Choy Y. S., Zhen H. S., Leung C. W. and Li H. B. (2012) “Pollutant emission and noise radiation from open and impinging inverse diffusion flames.” Applied Energy 91, 82-89.
  15. Choy Y. S., “Low frequency noise absorption by helium-filled ductlining. (2012)” J. Noise Control Eng. 60(1) 10-21
  16. Zhen H. S., Choy Y. S., Leung C. W. and Cheung C. S. (2011) “Effects of nozzle length on flame and emission behaviours of multi-fuel-jet inverse diffusion flame burner” Applied Energy 88 2917-2924.
  17. Choy Y. S., Huang L. and Wang C. (2009). ”Sound propagation and low frequency noise absorption by helium-filled porous material,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 126, 3008-3019.
  18. Choy Y. S., Lau K. T., Wang C., Chau C. W., Liu Y. and D. Hui (2009). “Composite panel for controlling noise in air conditioning and ventilation system,” Composites. Part B, 40 (4) 259-266.
  19. Choy Y. S. and Huang L. (2009). “Multiple Drumlike Silencer for Low Frequency Duct Noise Reflection,” Appl. Acoustics. 70, 1422-1430.
  20. Choy, Y. S. and Huang L. (2005). “Mean flow effect of the drum silencer,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 118, 3077-3084.
  21. Huang L. and Choy, Y. S (2005). “Three dimensional drum-like silencer,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 118, 2313-2320.

Patent Award

Methods for designing a chamber to reduce noise in a duct, United States Patent 6988057. Inventors: Huang L. and Choy Y. S.

Selected Industrial Consultancy Projects

  1. Acoustics measurement of movable desk (Herman Miller Asia)
  2. Review on the Noise Control Ordinance in Macau (Institute for the development and Quality, Macau)
  3. Additional Work for Review on West Rail Line Noise Impact for Increase of Train Frequency (MTR)
  4. Applicability of tonal penalty in railway business (MTR)
  5. Evaluation of the damper performance (Luen Ming Peng Shan Air conditioning Factory Ltd.)
  6. Acoustic Material Testing. (Ronstar Ironmongery & Security Supplies Ltd.).
  7. Noise Emitted from an Expansion Joint in the Car Park of Realty Gardens in 2006. (Savills Property Management Ltd.)

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