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Korea_Consulate General of the Republic of Korea_Consul General_Ambassador Kim Kwang Dong

This year marks the 80th anniversary of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I have the pleasure to extend my sincere congratulations to the faculties, staff, students and alumni of the PolyU who should be proud of the accomplishment and success of the university over the past eight decades.


Since its establishment in 1937, PolyU has nurtured thousands of competent students for higher learning and life-long continuing education while pursuing rigorous academic research and excellence for the advancement of the human community. The university has provided the students with an excellent learning environment to build up their academic careers and to pursue their goals beyond.


PolyU is renowned for its admirable achievements in numerous research projects from exploring outer space for the advancement of mankind to improving medical technologies for saving lives. In cooperation with PolyU, Korea hopes to develop partnerships and exchanges with the brilliant scholars and graduates of PolyU. I look forward to enriching the communities in both Korea and Hong Kong by further academic collaborations.


Meanwhile, PolyU is standing on the threshold of a new era. Despite the current and future challenges alongside unforeseen local and global circumstances, I firmly believe that PolyU, based upon the university's tradition and value, will continue to foster a cohesive and commendable learning environment, while achieving academic recognition and making contribution to the society.


I esteem it a privilege to address my congratulatory message to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in celebration of the 80th anniversary. May our mutual cooperation and partnership be advanced to more new opportunities in the future!


Congratulations and my very best wishes to PolyU!



Ambassador Kim Kwang Dong

Consul General

Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong