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Campus 100
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Chairman_Mr Wong Ming-y

Over the past 80 years, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU) has been growing from strength to strength and has transformed itself from a trade and technical-focused college to an internationally recognized university that offers a wide spectrum of academic programmes and an all-round development for tertiary students. The University has excelled itself in training, nurturing and enriching young persons, professionals and life-long learners.


On the frontier of research, PolyU has distinguished itself in conducting thousands of quality research ranging from improving daily life, enhancing manufacturing efficiency of different industries to opening up new horizons in space. This, I should say, shares the same mission as ASTRI, which focuses on conducting applied research on technologies that contributes to the well-being of mankind. And because of this common goal, ASTRI has been collaborating closely with the University for years. For instance, ASTRI and PolyU ran the highly successful Innovation Seminar Series from 2014 to 2016. We are also delighted that PolyU has been rendering staunch support to ASTRI’s internship programme and our annual signature Industry and University Collaboration Forum. All these collaborations have not only strengthened our ties but also created synergy in nurturing bright minds to contribute to the advancement of society. Looking ahead, I believe that our collaboration will continue to expand in future.


PolyU has written glorious history page by page in the past 80 years. On the day of 80th Anniversary of PolyU, may I convey my heartfelt congratulations to all members of the University. Your achievements are truly remarkable and admirable.



Mr Wong Ming-yam, BBS, JP


Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute