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Campus 100
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With its motto “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”, the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong has been committed to the provision of high quality application-oriented education that cultivates knowledgeable professionals, industry leaders and community pioneers who serve Hong Kong and beyond. Its success in building up a solid foundation for applied research has also been well recognised.


Evolving alongside the economic and social development in Hong Kong and the rest of the world since its inception in 1937, the Polytechnic University has been an important platform where new ideas and new thoughts are conceived, exchanged and brought to life. I am confident that in the years ahead, the University will continue its pursuit of excellence in professional education, applied research and partnership for the betterment of Hong Kong.


On behalf of the University Grants Committee, I would like to congratulate the Polytechnic University on its 80th anniversary and wish the University every success in its future endeavours.



Mr Carlson Tong, SBS, JP


University Grants Committee