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Starting in September 2012 with the commencement of the new 4-year curriculum, all PolyU undergraduate students need to fulfill the comprehensive General University Requirements (GUR), which consist of Language and Communication Requirements (LCR). The Chinese Language Centre (CLC) has played an active role in designing and teaching the Chinese subjects that are a component of the Language and Communication Requirements (LCR).

List of Chinese LCR Subjects:

Subject Subject Name Download Remark
Chinese LCR Subjects
CLC1101P Fundamentals of Chinese Communication
CLC1102P Advanced Communication Skills in Chinese
CLC1103P Fundamentals of Chinese Communication for Higher Diploma Students
CLC1104C / CLC1104P CLC1104C (Taught in Cantonese) / CLC1104P (Taught in Putonghua) -- University Chinese
CLC1105C / CLC1105P CLC1105C (Taught in Cantonese) / CLC1105P (Taught in Putonghua) -- University Chinese for Higher Diploma Students
Chinese LCR Elective Subjects
CLC1153 Elementary Cantonese (Taught in English)
CLC1153P Elementary Cantonese (Taught in Putonghua)
CLC2101P Putonghua in the Workplace
CLC2102P Creative Writing in Chinese
CLC2103P Chinese and the Multimedia
CLC2153 Intermediate Cantonese (Taught in English)

For Chinese LCR subjects for non-Chinese speaking students, please visit: (