Minor in Chinese Language & Culture For international students Managed by FH

This programme is a custom-design minor aims to meet the needs of non-Chinese speaking students who aspire to learn about Chinese language and culture while pursuing a degree in PolyU. It is offered in answer to the growing interest of university students in China studies following the country’s rapid economic growth in recent decades. Having a better understanding of a modernising Chinese society through the learning of its language and culture has become an important asset for many university students around the world.


The CLC offers the following Chinese subjects for the programme:


CLC1152 -- Chinese II (for non-Chinese speaking students)

CLC2151 -- Chinese III (for non-Chinese speaking students)

CLC2152 -- Chinese Literature – Linguistic and Cultural Perspectives (for non-Chinese speaking students)

CLC2154 -- Chinese IV (for non-Chinese speaking students)

CLC3152 -- Spoken Chinese for Business Communication (for non-Chinese speaking students)

CLC3153 -- Chinese Reading and Writing (for non-Chinese speaking students)


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