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Latest News and Achievements of APSS (June 2023 issue)

Professional Appointments

Prof. Eric CHUI, Head and Professor of the Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS), has been appointed to serve as a member the following committees:

  • Mental Health Review Tribunal, Health Bureau, HKSAR from 15 April 2023 to 14 April 2025

The function of the Tribunal is to consider applications or cases of patients who are liable to be compulsorily detained in mental hospitals or to compulsory guardianship, as well as to determine whether these patients should be discharged in accordance with the Mental Health Ordinance (Cap. 136).


  • Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC) Research and Evaluation Committee from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024

The primary role of the Research and Evaluation Committee is to provide advice and guidance on the IFEC’s research and evaluation practice.


  • College Council of Tung Wah College from 24 May 2023 onwards


The terms of reference of the College Council can be found here.


Crystal kwan 

Dr Crystal KWAN, Assistant Professor of APSS, is appointed as Thetos Foundation Young Scholar in Social Services (賦勵慈善基金社會服務青年學者) for the period from 1 May 2023 to 31 December 2024. 



Prof. Elsie YAN, Associate Head & Professor of APSS, has been appointed as member of PolyU Ethics Committee for a further term of two years from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2025.



Dr Judy SIU, Associate Professor of APSS, has been appointed to serve on the FHSS Human Subjects Ethics Sub-committee (HSESC) from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2025. 


Project / Grant Award


Congratulations to the following awardees in securing research funding from RGC in 2023/24 Exercise:


Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (HSSPFS)

Principal Investigator

Project Title

Funding Awarded

Prof. Juan CHEN

Developing Community Mental Health Care in Rural China: Local Policy Network, Implementation, and Advocacy




General Research Fund (GRF)

Principal Investigator

Project Title

Funding Awarded

Dr Lu YU

A Prospective Study of Newly-Arrived Immigrant Adolescents from Mainland China to Hong Kong: The Way to Thrive


Dr Tsin Yee Janet LEUNG

Unequal Childhood Development – Family Socio-economic Status, Concerted Cultivation and Children's Developmental Trajectories under the COVID-19 Pandemic


Dr Bo Kyong Grace SEO

Promoting Older Adults’ Proactive Home Modifications for Successful Ageing in Place: A Mixed Methods Study


Dr Xiang LI

Cyberbullying among Children with Victimization Experiences: The Role of Emotional Risk Factors and Social-Ecological Protective Factors


Dr Hoi Wing William CHAN

From I Believe to We Believe: Understanding the Behavioral Impacts of Belief in Climate Change Conspiracy Theories with a Conspiracy Belief–Social Identity Model


Dr Jingping Penny LIU

How Brokerage Absorbs Popular Grievances in Rural China: Typology, Effectiveness, and Consequences


Dr Chi Mei Jessica LI

Procedural Justice for the Mentally Incapacitated: A Mixed Qualitative Study Using Timelines and Vignettes with Young People and Criminal Justice Personnel


Dr Hay Ming Herman LO

The Effects of an Online Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Parents of Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Dr Crystal KWAN

Exploring the Lived Experiences of Adjusting to Early Retirement of the Older Working Poor: A Longitudinal Qualitative Study in Hong Kong


Dr Tin-yuet TING

Technopolitical Contention over State-Led Social Datafication: A Digital Ethnography of Data-Driven Governance in Hong Kong's Counter-Public Sphere




Early Career Schemes (ECS)

Principal Investigator

Project Title

Funding Awarded

Dr Xiaoqin Julie ZHU

Multidimensional Parental Psychological Control and Developmental Outcomes among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong


Dr Chi Kit Jacky NG

Effect Conservation in Process Analysis: The Reason, Solution, and Promotion


Dr Xiaomin LI

Financial Management and Distinct Types of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in China: An Empowerment Perspective


Dr Po Yee Iris LO

From Unspoken Secrets to Family Dialogues: The Negotiations of Family Expectations and Intergenerational Intimacy between Chinese Parents and their Adult Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Children




20230713 Latest News Funding no Ben

External Research Funding Secured


Project Title: Youth-Adult Partnership in the Project of 21st Century ICYSCs – A Practice Research

PI: Prof. Eric CHUI

Co-Is: Dr Kong YAM, Dr Herrick WONG and Dr Yammy CHAK

Funding Source: Hong Kong Playground Association

Funding Amount: HKD1,000,000

Project Period: 25 May 2023 – 24 August 2025

Project Summary: As part of the “Project of 21st Century ICYSCs” initiated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust ("HKJCCT") in collaboration with several pioneering NGOs, this practice research focuses on the key component of Youth-Adult Partnership (Y-AP) as a fundamental strategy for positive youth development.



Project Title: Now More Important than Ever: Promoting Healthy Financial Behaviours for Hong Kong Youths from Lower-SES Households

PI: Dr Xiaomin LI
Co-Is: Dr Angel LAI, Dr Alex ZHU, and Dr Sonya LUTTER

Funding Source: CEPU Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (PPRFS)

Funding Amount: HK$490,291
Project Period:
15 September 2023 to 14 September 2024

Project Summary: This project aims to identify avenues to facilitate healthy financial behaviours (e.g., making and following a budget, and learning financial management) for Hong Kong youths from lower-SES households. Using findings from the mixed-method study, the team will design and implement a pilot intervention. 

Project Title: Research Study on the Effectiveness of Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders (UP) for People with Mild to Moderate Emotional Disturbances

PI: Dr Herman LO

Funding Source: Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (Collaborative)

Funding Amount: HK$250,000

Project Period: 1 May 2023 - 31 July 2024

Project summary: The Family Mental Health Service of Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (HKFWS) commits to providing quality therapeutic groupwork service to people with mild to moderate emotional disturbance since 1980s. In this collaborative research project, Dr Candice Powell the CEO of the Mind HK and a Unified Protocol Level 3 Trainer is invited to deliver a 3 Day training for the social workers in HKFWS in May 2023. Dr Herman Lo provides support in finalizing the protocol, the programme implementation, and outcome evaluation of this new brief version of the Unified Protocol.


Project Title: Testosterone and Social Behavior

PI: Dr Yin WU

Co-Is: Dr Fan LI

Funding Source: 廣東省基礎與應用基礎研究項目- 2023年度自然科學基金項目

Funding Amount: CNY100,000

Project Period: from January 2023 to December 2025

Project Summary: Testosterone is one of the major sex steroids associated with physical masculinization and sexual function. The present study aims to investigate the psychological and neural mechanisms underlying which testosterone influence human behaviour. Specifically, we are interested in effects of exogenous testosterone on impulsivity, emotion recognition and aggressive behaviour. Understanding the role of testosterone in human behaviour can offer insight into the endocrinological basis of social cognition and provide better treatment and prevention strategies for mental disorders.



CHOICE's Outstanding Academic Title Award 2022


Dr Jenny CHAN, Associate Professor of APSS, has been awarded CHOICE's Outstanding Academic Title Award 2022 (China). The award recognises her book, "Dying for an iPhone" (written with Mark Selden and PUN Ngai in 2020, translated into Korean in 2021), for its overall excellence in presentation and scholarship, importance relative to other literature in the field, and originality in treatment of the subject. This prestigious list reflects the best in scholarly titles and brings with it the extraordinary recognition of the academic library community.


Congratulations to Dr Chan on this outstanding achievement!


More information about the list of titles can be found on the CHOICE website (2023).




Teaching Development Grant 2022-25

Two teams of APSS colleagues have succeeded in securing the funding from the “Teaching Development Grant 2022-25” (2nd Round):


Category B: Small-to-Medium-Scale Projects

Project Title: Using Gamification to Engage Students for More Effective Studies in the Post-Pandemic General Education Class.

Team Leader: Dr Chung Zoe XIAO (APSS)

Team Members: Dr Wenyu CHAI (APSS), Miss Veronica SHEK (APSS), Miss Mable CHENG (APSS), Mr Rui HE (SD)

Funding Amount: $99,410.00

Matching Fund from APSS and FHSS: $32,800.00


Category A: Projects on Deepening VTL Adoption

Project Title: Edu-Metaverse: An Interactive Virtual Learning Place Fostering Collaborative and Experiential Learning in Interdisciplinary Subjects

Co-Team Leaders: Dr Richard LI (APSS and COMP), Dr Peter NG (COMP), Dr Laura ZHOU (EDC)

Team Members: Dr Ping LI (COMP & SD), Dr Jeff TANG (COMP)

Funding Amount: $500,000.00

Matching Fund from COMP: $37,500.00


2023 Departmental Best Teaching Award


The following colleagues won the individual/team award:


Individual Award

Dr Wai Chi Rodney CHU


Team Award

Prof. Xue BAI (APSS) with

Mr Kevin DENNEY (SD)

Dr Pamsy HUI (MM)

Dr Chang LIU (APSS)

Dr Sylvia LIU (SD)

Dr Kenneth LO (FSN)



Media Report

PolyU Admits 24 Outstanding Athletes through SALSA Scheme


PolyU has admitted 24 outstanding athletes to a wide range of undergraduate programmes under the Student-Athlete Learning Support and Admission Scheme (SALSA), who will embark on their undergraduate studies in the 2023/24 academic year. The programme they will be studying cover various fields, including APSS.


Online coverage:

HK01 -


The MoU between APSS and the Jahangirnagar University was signed in Dhaka, Bangladesh



The MoU between APSS and the Faculty of Social Administration at Thammasat University was signed in Thailand


Two MoUs with Asian Universities for Collaborative Academic Research and Exchange Programmes Signed


The first MoU was signed between APSS and the Faculty of Social Administration at Thammasat University (TU) in Thailand. Prof. Ben KU, Professor of APSS and Director of the China and Global Development Network (CGDN), and Ms Kan YIP, Assistant Director (Development and Partnership) of CGDN, visited TU on 27 March 2023 for this important occasion. This partnership holds great potential for joint research, roundtable discussions, joint seminars, student and staff exchange, and related collaborations between PolyU and TU.


The second MoU was signed between APSS and Jahangirnagar University (JU) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. On 8 May 2023, Prof. Eric CHUI and Prof. Rasheda Akhtar, Treasurer of JU, signed the MoU. The MoU was signed in the presence of Prof. Md Nurul Alam, Vice-Chancellor of Jahangirnagar University, Prof. Sheikh Md. Monzurul Huq, Vice-Chancellor (Administration), Prof. Bashir Ahmed, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Tarana Begum, Chairman of the Department of Government and Politics, Dr Md Farid Hossain, and Dr Mohammad Tarikul Islam from JU. The MoU aims to establish research centers, facilitate collaborative academic research, joint publications, staff and student exchange, and related opportunities that would benefit both universities.


These MoUs demonstrate the commitment of APSS and PolyU in promoting international collaboration and advancing academic research. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with these esteemed institutions.


Online coverage:

The Financial Express -

JU news:




APSS Head and Colleague Visit Bangladesh for Research Collaboration and Criminology Seminar


Prof. Eric CHUI, Head and Professor of APSS and Co-Director of the Policy Research Centre for Innovation and Technology (PReCIT), visited Prime Minister’s Office and government agencies in Bangladesh on 10 May 2023 to exchange views and to discuss potential research collaborations and institutional development between APSS, PReCIT and Bangladesh under Belt and Road Initiative. Prof. CHUI was warmly welcomed by Mr Doyananda Debnath, Joint Secretary of Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority; Dr Abu Saleh Mostafa Kamal, Director General of the Department of Social Services and Mr Toufique Hasan, Director General of East Asia & Pacific Wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Prof. Bashir Ahmed, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Jahangirnagar University with his colleagues, and Dr Herbary CHEUNG, Research Assistant Professor from APSS, also joined the visits and discussions.


Prof. CHUI delivered a keynote speech at Jahangirnagar University's international seminar on criminology on 11 May 2023. The seminar was organised by the Department of Government and Politics, JU, with the aim of promoting research and discussion on various aspects of criminology. The seminar was a great success, with scholars presenting research papers and engaging in lively discussions on topics such as cybercrime, human trafficking, and drug abuse.


The Financial Express -




APSS Colleagues Engaged in the Jockey Club “Promoting Family Resilience” Project


With the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, PolyU has partnered with several NGOs to deliver the Jockey Club “Promoting Family Resilience” Project with an aim of helping families cope with stress and adversity. Colleagues from APSS, Prof. Daniel SHEK, AVP(UP), Dean(US) & Chair Professor of APSS; and Dr Janet LEUNG, Associate Professor of APSS, shared their insights in an interview about the project's intervention services.


Online coverage:

Hong Kong Economic Times –

Master Insight –



An Evaluation of a Government’s poverty alleviation programme


The Social Welfare Department has commissioned an APSS research team led by Prof. Eric CHUI, Head and Professor of APSS, to evaluate the Strive and Rise Programme.

The research team will invite mentees to do a self-assessment and collect feedback of their mentors and parents regarding their performance through questionnaires before and after the one-year Programme on eight impact indicators.

The programme was launched last year by the Government, with an aim of helping junior secondary school students from underprivileged families broaden their horizons, reinforce their self-confidence, develop a positive outlook on life, set goals for their future and strive for upward mobility.


Online coverage:

Now TV -


Metro Radio -

Oriental Daily News -

Hong Kong Economic Journal -

Sing Tao Daily -

Wen Wei Po -

Bastille Post -

Orange News -



One of the Top Psychologists in China


Prof. Daniel SHEK, Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme), Chair Professor of Applied Social Sciences, and Li and Fung Endowed Professor in Service Leadership Education has been ranked the second-Best Psychology Scientists in China by Congratulations!


Online coverage:

qq -




(Photo captured by Ta Kung Pao)

Sharing Insights at a Social Welfare Summit


Prof. Eric Chui, Head of APSS, shared his insights into helping the disadvantaged at the “Starting a New Chapter in Hong Kong Social Welfare Summit” co-organised by the Labour and Welfare Bureau and the Social Welfare Department.


Online coverage:

Ta Kung Pao -



Possible Causes of Hong Kong's Recent Surge in Violent Crime in SCMP Interview


Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of APSS, has been interviewed by the South China Morning Post to discuss the recent surge of violent crime in Hong Kong. According to Prof. CHUI, the rise in violent crimes may not be due to a copycat effect, as some have suggested. Instead, he believes that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and economic conditions may be contributing factors. Prof. CHUI warns that, without proper intervention, the trend could continue.





(Middle: Prof. Daniel SHEK; Photo captured by Mingpao Daily News)


Hongkongers’ Happiness Falls to 3-year Low


The happiness of Hong Kong families has dropped to a three-year low, a poll has found. Prof. Daniel SHEK, Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme) and Chair Professor of APSS, attributed it to “Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder”. He urged people to seek help if they felt excessively unhappy and said a change in perspective could also be beneficial.


Online coverage:

SCMP - (subscription required)

Ming Pao Daily News -

Hong Kong Economic Times -

am730 -

Sky Post -

Ta Kung Pao -

Hong Kong Commercial Daily -

HK01 -

Talks and Events


Successfully holding the 11th Lam Woo Distinguished Social Work Awards Ceremony and Social Work-Stations Building and Social Work High-Quality Development Symposium


The 11th Lam Woo Distinguished Social Work Awards Ceremony and Social Work-Stations Building and Social Work High-Quality Development Symposium, jointly hosted by the Department of Sociology of Peking University, APSS of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the Peking University-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Social Work Research Centre, was successfully held on 2 April 2023. Nearly 4,000 experts and scholars from the social work field, frontline social workers, teachers, and students participated online or in-person.


The symposium invited eight scholars from Mainland China and Hong Kong to share and exchange views on the high-quality development of social work education, exploration of social work practice models, organizational functions and construction paths, and the establishment of basic social work service systems of Social Work-stations building. Also, this year, a total of two Scholar Awards, five Student Awards, and four Practicum Project Awards were given to exemplary scholars and students during the Awards Ceremony.


Read more:



A Roaring Success for APSSGA's Movie Screening and Fundraising Event! All Tickets Gone in Celebration of APSS's 50th Anniversary!

On 15 April 2023, as part of the APSS 50th Anniversary series of celebratory events, the APSS Graduates Association (APSSGA) successfully organised a Movie Screening and Fundraising event. The event, which also included a ‘Director Sharing Session’, was held at THX Premiere Elements. Over 200 APSS alumni, students, and colleagues came together to watch the award-winning movie “A Light Never Goes Out”. The director, Ms Anastasia TSANG, joined us after the film to share about the background that inspired her to produce this remarkable film. The film and the sharing session were well received by the audience.


All proceeds from this fundraising event will go to the APSSGA Hardship Fund (APSSGA Award). The Award will be established to support APSS students with financial difficulties. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who generously donated to this meaningful cause. Donations to the APSSGA Award can be made at the following website:



APSS and IASSW Forge a Landmark Partnership to Enhance Social Work Education with a Global Online Learning Platform


The Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) held a signing ceremony on 3 May 2023 to mark the beginning of a significant joint initiative.  APSS and IASSW will work together to provide a global online learning platform on IASSW Global Standards for Social Work Education and Training for international users. The collaboration aims to enhance and promote the quality of social work education and the professional standards of social work practitioners around the world.


Prof. Ben YOUNG, PolyU Vice President (Student and Global Affairs), delivered the opening remarks. He expressed confidence in the agreement, which enables APSS to positively contribute to the international community of social work educators as well as to build global networks for its students and academic staff.  Following the opening remarks, Prof. Annamaria CAMPANINI, President of IASSW, gave the opening address, expressing her delight in celebrating this important moment of cooperation between APSS and IASSW.


The agreement was signed by Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of APSS, and Prof. Annamaria CAMPANINI. The signing was witnessed by Prof. Kwok-yin WONG, Vice President (Education) of PolyU, Prof. Ben YOUNG and Dr Varoshini NADESAN,Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Community Development, University of Johannesburg.  Prof. CHUI delivered the closing speech where he thanked all of the guests for witnessing this important milestone in international social work education.


PolyU website:

PolyU LinkedIn post:



Kick-off Ceremony of APSS Mentorship Programme 2023-25


APSS Mentorship Programme 2023-25 aims to provide an opportunity for fostering networks and friendships among our graduating students with experienced alumni for advice on professional and career development. The kick-off ceremony of the programme was held on 6 May 2023. A total of 62 alumni and students were matched successfully for this two-year mentorship programme running from May 2023 to May 2025. Mentors and mentees are expected to meet at least once every half a year. For a more fruitful mentoring relationship, each mentor-mentee group is also partnered with another group to enhance the networks and experience.



JUPAS Consultation Day Showcases APSS BA (Hons) Scheme Programme


On 20 May 2023, the Academic Registry organised the JUPAS Consultation Day, during which APSS gave an information seminar to introduce our BA (Hons) Scheme Programme to prospective students. As part of this event, a consultation counter was set up at the Shaw Sports Complex to address general inquiries and distribute contact information for APSS to students for future reference.



APSS 50th Anniversary with Fun Lecture and Gala Dinner Attended by over 300 Participants


On 27 May 2023, a memorable celebration was held to mark the 50th anniversary of APSS). The event commenced with an engaging Fun Lecture on the significance of former staff and community involvement. The Lecture was delivered by a panel of distinguished speakers, including Mrs Helen YUDr Jenny HUIProf. Teresa TSIEN, all former staff of APSS. Dr Rodney CHU, Chairperson of APSS 50th Anniversary Organising Committee, gave the closing remarks. Dr Raymond TAM also sent greetings from Singapore with a group of Social Policy & Social Entrepreneurship students, who were awaiting a return flight to Hong Kong after having completed a student exchange programme.


Following this, a Gala Dinner was organised in the evening. About 300 participants from the community attended the Dinner to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of APSS. The event was a great success, with guests enjoying delicious food, pleasant company, and an evening of entertainment.


Throughout the evening, several speeches were delivered by eminent personalities, including Prof. Wing-tak WONG, Deputy President and Provost of PolyU; Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of APSS;and Prof. Angie YUEN-TSANG, former Head and Honorary Professor of APSS. Also, speeches were given by alumni of APSS, including Prof. Bainian SHI, Mr Chi Hong WOO, Mr Charles CHAN, Outstanding APSS alumnus of 2022, and Ms Yvonne CHAK, Outstanding APSS alumna of 2023.



Brown School Professor Visits APSS to Foster Academic Collaborations in Social Work and Social Policy


APSS was honored to host Prof. Shenyang GUO, the Frank J. Bruno Distinguished Professor of Social Work Research from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, on 8 June 2023.


During his visit, Prof. GUO received a warm welcome by Prof. Eric CHUI, Head and Professor of APSS, Prof. Angie YUEN-TSANG, Honorary Professor of APSS, and other senior staff members of APSS including Prof. Juan CHENDr Qiaobing WUDr Lu YUDr Karita KAN, and Mr Ken WAN.


APSS eagerly anticipates further collaboration with the Brown School to strengthen the partnership between the two universities and foster academic collaborations in the fields of social work and social policy.



Collaborative US-China Forum with University of Chicago and Peking University


In collaboration with the University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice and the Department of Sociology at Peking University, APSS hosted a US-China Forum on Social Problems and Social Welfare Responses in Comparative Perspective from 27 June to 29 June 2023.


The Forum featured two panels of presentations and discussions, one on 27 June 2023 and the other on 28 June 2023, respectively. The first panel, titled "Social Housing, Governance, and Responses to Urban Poverty in Comparative Perspective," was moderated by Prof. Ben KU, Professor of APSS and Director of China and Global Development Network, with speakers including Prof. Robert CHASKIN, Faculty Director of Kiphart Center at the University of Chicago, Prof. Juan CHEN, Professor of APSS, and Dr Grace SEO, Assistant Professor of APSS. The second discussion, titled "Migration, Migrant Incorporation, and Responding to the Needs of Migrants," was moderated by Dr Angel LAI, Assistant Professor of APSS, with speakers including Dr Aimee HILADO, an Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago, Dr Qiaobing WU, Associate Head of APSS, and Dr Liqi HOU, Postdoctoral Researcher at Peking University.


Staff Corner 


APSS Staff Promotion


We are delighted to announce the promotion of the following staff members to Professorship & Chair Professorship with effective 1 July 2023. Please join us in congratulating:


  • Prof. Edward CHAN (Social Work) is promoted to Chair Professor and titled as Chair Professor of Child and Family Welfare;
  • Prof. Sylvia CHEN (Psychology) is promoted to Chair Professor and titled as Chair Professor of Social and Cultural Psychology;
  • Dr Xue BAI (Social Policy & Administration) is promoted to Professor; and
  • Dr Ben KU (Sociology, Anthropology & Philosophy) is promoted to Professor.


This well-deserved recognition reflects their exceptional achievements and contributions to their respective fields. We are proud to have them as part of our department and look forward to their continued success.



Saying Goodbye to One of the Longest Serving Academics, Kun Sun Sir


We bid farewell to one of our serving academics, Dr Kun Sun CHAN (Teaching Fellow in Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy).  He has worked at APSS for 17 years.

Thank you to Kun Sun Sir – you’ll be sorely missed.  Keep in touch and enjoy your retirement!


View more photos: Link


Alumni and Student Corner

Outstanding APSS Alumni Award 2023


The Outstanding APSS Alumni Award is a prestigious honour that recognises the remarkable achievements and contributions of alumni from APSS. 


Ms Tung Ching Yvonne CHAK is currently the Director of Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS). Ms CHAK has accumulated extensive practical and leadership experience as an active contributor to social services for children, youth, pre-school, and elderly communities for many years. Under her leadership and the dedication of her team, HKCS has pioneered well-received and award-winning services over the years.  She has also been the Vice-chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and served on several government committees, as well as a number of advisory boards of the Social Work Departments of local universities.



Learning Outside Classroom – Overseas Study Trips Broaden Social Work and Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship Students’ Horizon


Taiwan Study Trip (from 27 April to 2 May 2023)

A group of five students from the BA (Hons) Social Work and Master of Social Work programme were led by Dr Angel LAI, Assistant Professor of APSS, on a study trip to Taiwan between 27 April and 2 May 2023. The trip aimed to create research impact based on a GRF-funded project – “School Ethnic-Racial Socialization, Ethnic Identity, and Psychological Health in Context: Indigenous Adolescents in Taiwan”, in collaboration with Dr Ciwang TEYRA at the Department of Social Work at National Taiwan University. Dr LAI met with leaders in the indigenous community, shared her research findings, and delivered a lecture on the toll of COVID-19 on the mental health of Hong Kong young people.


Singapore Study Trip (from 22 May to 27 May 2023)

Twenty-six students from the BA (Hons) in Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship (SPSE) programme, led by Dr Raymond TAM, Programme Leader of SPSE, and Dr Herbary CHEUNG, Research Assistant Professor of APSS, undertook a study trip to Singapore from 22 May to 27 May 2023. The tour was designed to improve students' understanding of social development, social entrepreneurship, and multiculturalism in Singapore. Students under the guidance of Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of APSS, visited various organisations, such as the Housing and Development Board, the Singapore International Foundation, and Dignity Kitchen Singapore. The aim was to understand public housing policies, international collaboration, community development, and empowerment of disadvantaged populations in Singapore. Additionally, they attended guest lectures by policy research scholars at the East Asian Institute and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, both at the National University of Singapore. Apart from academic activities, students enjoyed sightseeing at Little India, Kampong Glam, and Chinatown, exploring Singapore's multiracial, multicultural, and multireligious society. They also visited Marina Barrage and Garden by the Bay to learn about urban planning and development.


These overseas study trips offer students’ valuable international exposure and study opportunities while fostering potential collaborations between APSS and international partners.



APSS student won Reaching Out Award


We are thrilled to share that Mr Alex Siu Wing CHAN, a third-year PhD student, a third-year PhD student, has been granted the HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Reaching Out Award (ROA) 2022/23,  which supports students who travel outside of Hong Kong for various activities, such as exchange programs, internships, conferences, and service trips. Alex will be attending the International LGBTQ Leaders Conference and International Conference in LGBT Studies, where he aims to strengthen his international collaboration and develop innovative solutions to address challenges faced by the LGBTQ community.


Congratulations to Alex on his outstanding achievements!


Dr Shaolingyun GUO Receives Faculty Distinguished Thesis Award for Research


Congratulations to Dr Shaolingyun GUO on receiving the Faculty Distinguished Thesis Award of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences for her thesis entitled "Emotional and Cognitive Responses Toward Mortality in Life History Strategy”.


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