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ALBERT Garrich Alabarce

Regulating e-entertainment? An ethno-corporative approach to the perception frames over Internet Governance for e-gaming


ANTONIO Carl Abelardo web

ANTONIO Carl Abelardo

Development of a technical and ethical framework in the provision of health care services for drug dependents in government-owned and/or operated health facilities the Philippines across the legally-mandated continuum of care


au kit yee algae

AU Kit Yee Algae 歐潔儀

Humanity Self-construal and Ecological Self-construal: The Effects of Self-expansion on Psychological and Pro-environmental Outcomes



CHAK Lai Yan Yammy 卓麗茵

Positive Youth Development Program and Economically Disadvantaged Adolescents in Hong Kong



CHAN Cheong Yu, Stephen 陳昌裕

Social Participation: Neighbourhood and Neurons


chen qiqi

CHEN Qiqi 陳祺祺

Victimization and Mental Health among Adolescents in China: From Family to Cyberspace


CHIU Shui Kau 趙瑞球

A Study of Culture at Hong Kong Post-secondary Education


giulia cuini

CUINI Giulia

Rural Livelihoods Transformation and Meaning of a River: Ethnographic Study of Three Communities of the Mekong Delta


DING Qifan web

DING Qifan 丁琪凡

Research into education policy and education orientation of migrant children in post-compulsory education


Andy Fung web

FUNG Hong Wang, Andy 馮康泓

Using an online platform to improve trauma and dissociation survivors' well-being: An exploratory study


Joydeb web

GARAI Joydeb

Climate Change Impacts and Vulnerabilities on Indigenous People: A case from Bangladesh


 Gong Lin web

GONG Lin 龔琳

Research on Anti-Poverty Policy and Poverty Alleviation in China - an Empirical Analysis based on CHIPS


Guo Shaolingyun web

GUO Shaolingyun 過邵靈韻 

The Effects of Body-Related Social Media Contents on Language Processing


hou liqi

HOU Liqi 侯力琪

The Class Consciousness of New Generation Working Class with Vocational Education Background


karlach jan


The Shaman-Priest, the Market and the State: Constructing Ethnicity and Heritage among the Nuosu-Yi of Liangshan


lai ka01

LAI Ka Wai, Michael  黎家偉

From Social Entrepreneurship to Sharing Economy: Hong Kong Experience


lam bik chee phobe01

LAM Bik Che 林碧芝

Fighting under the Blanket: Cultural Politics of Indonesian Migrant Workers Who are Trafficked into Hong Kong for Domestic Servitude


li jun01

LI Jun 李隽

Media and Professional Discourses on Child Maltreatment in China: Implications for Child Protection in the Chinese Mainland


li ruozhu apss

LI Ruozhu 禮若竹

Chinese Local Congresses in Urban Communities: Political Communication through the Liaison Station


liang jiachen

LIANG Jiachen 梁嘉宸

Investigating Public Perceptions of Online Censorship in China


LIU Chang01

LIU Chang 劉暢

Retirement worries and expectations of single ageing adults in Hong Kong: The effectiveness of retirement planning program


meng ling

MENG Ling 孟玲          

Customary Adoption under Family Planning Policy in Contemporary Rural China: Life Experience, Family Relations, and Power Dynamics




In-betweenness? Children of Chinese Migrants and Their Experiences of Adaptation to Spanish Society


wong peng01


Narratives of the Good Life: Seeking the Idyllic Lifestyle in Today's China


xu heng

Xu Heng 徐恒

Opening up the Chances of Upward Social Mobility? Unveiling Tensions of Well-Educated Migrant's Life Experience in the Era of New Urbanization Project


xu siyuan01

XU Siyuan , Susie 徐思遠       

The political economy of seeds: Paradigmatic shifts of seed governance and seed marketisation in China



YANG Chin-yi, Gina  楊靜怡

Migration for Education and Employment? - Decisions of Young People in Borderland Kinmen, Taiwan


Carmen Yau web

YAU Ka Man Carmen 游家敏

Can Women with Physical Disabilities Strengthen Their Positive Self-identity via Social Media?


yau tze ken

YAU Tze Ken 丘梓勤

Bringing Ideology Back: Study of Labour NGOs in China


yeboah sampson addo

YEBOAH Sampson Addo

Childhoods in Ghana: Understanding the Work of NGOs as Cultural Brokers and Translators in Childhood Construction



ZHANG Chi 張弛

"Young Trauma" in Constructing Masculinities: The Decline of Male Friendships in Emerging Adulthood in Contemporary Hong Kong


Zhang Jiwen web

ZHANG Jiwen 張繼文

Dyadic effects of resilience on depression in Chinese HIV patients and their spouses


zhang yangyong

ZHANG Yangyong 張洋勇

Survival in an Emerging Profession: Narratives of Social Workers in Mainland China



ZHOU Qi 周琪

Investigation into the Motivation, Engagement and Achievement of Students in Secondary Vocational Education in Rural China: A Case Study Approach


Zhou Qiushi web

ZHOU Qiushi 周秋實

Understanding left-behind children in rural China: identity, penetration and limitation


zhu yijie

ZHU Yijie

The Rich Do Good for Autonomy, While the poor for Relatedness




feng lei

FENG Lei 馮雷

Rural Shadows in Urban Life: Life Politics around a Village-in-the-City in Guangzhou