Students must complete 7 Compulsory Subjects (21 credits) and 3 Elective Subjects (9 credits) or a Dissertation (9 credits)

Core Areas of Study
Seven Compulsory Subjects (21 credits)
  • Operations Research Methods (AMA502)
  • Probability and Stochastic Models (AMA528)
  • Principles of Risk Analysis (AMA538)
  • Financial Modeling (AMA539)
  • Business Forecasting (AMA540)
  • Simulation and Risk Analysis (AMA541)
  • Advanced Operations Research Methods (AMA542)


Three Elective Subjects from below or a Dissertation (9 credits)
  • Optimization Methods (AMA505)
  • Scheduling (AMA522)
  • Scientific Computing (AMA524)
  • Statistical Inference (AMA529)
  • Mathematics of Finance (AMA530)
  • Investment Science (AMA532)
  • Mathematics of Derivative Pricing (AMA535)
  • Loss Models (AMA543)
  • Statistical Data Mining (AMA546)
  • Principles of Corporate Finance (AF5312)
  • Corporate Risk Management (AF5322)
  • Economics for Financial Analysis (AF5341)
  • Supply Chain Management (LGT5015)
  • Dissertation

List of credit-based subjects in the academic programmes offered by the Department

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