Academic Staff

Associate Head of Department and Professor

Professor Zhao Xingqiu

BS ( Hubei ), MSc, Ph.D. (McMaster)

TU705, Yip Kit Chuen Bldg.

2766 6921

Personal Website

  • Ph.D. (Statistics), McMaster University, 2008


Research Interests 
  • Survival analysis, Panel count data, Longitudinal data analysis, Recurrent event data, Analysis of high-dimensional survival models, semiparametric and nonparametric methods, Large deviations and moderate deviations theory with applications in survival models.


Selected Publications
  • Gao, F., Xiong, J. and Zhao, X., Moderate deviations and nonparametric inference for monotone functions. Annals of Statistics (2017), to appear.
  • Zhao, X., Wu, Y. and Yin, G., Sieve maximum likelihood estimation for a general class of accelerated hazards models with bundled parameters, Bernoulli (2017), to appear.
  • Cao, Y., Huang, J., Liu, Y. and Zhao, X., Sieve Estimation of Cox Models with Latent Structures, Biometrics 72 (2016), 1086-1097.
  • Zhao, X., Deng, S., Liu, L and Liu, L., Sieve estimation in semiparametric modeling of longitudinal data with informative observation times, Biostatistics, 15 (2014), 140-153.
  • Zhao, X. and Sun, J. (2011). Nonparametric comparison for panel count data with unequal observation processes, Biometrics, 67 (2011), 770-779.
  • Zhao, X., Zhou, J. and Sun L. (2011). Semiparametric transformation models with time-varying coefficients for recurrent and terminal events, Biometrics, 67 (2011), 401-414.
  • Gao, F. and Zhao, X., Delta method in large deviations and moderate deviations for estimators, Annals of Statistics, 39 (2011), 1211-1240.
  • Balakrishnan, N. and Zhao, X., New multi-sample nonparametric tests for panel count data, Annals of Statistics, 37 (2009), 1112-1149.
  • Sun, J., Park, D-H, Sun, L. and Zhao, X., Semiparametric regression analysis of longitudinal data with informative observation times. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 100 (2005), 882-889.
  • Sun, J., Zhao, Q. and Zhao, X., Generalized log-rank test for interval-censored failure time. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 32 (2005), 49-57.

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