Academic Staff

Associate Professor

Dr. Liu Chun-ling, Catherine

BSc(HuaZhong), MSc(Wuhan), Ph.D.(HK)

TU830, Yip Kit Chuen Bldg.

2766 6931

  • Intramural Research Trainee Award Postdoctoral Fellow, NICHD/NIH, USA, 2010
  • Ph.D. in Statistics, The University of Hong Kong, 2008
  • M.S. in Mathematical Statistics, Wuhan University, 2004
  • B.S. in Mathematics, Huazhong Normal University, 2000


Research Interests
  • Biomedical study and its application in epidemiology, ophthalmology, linguistics, and fMRI/DTI
  • Incomplete data analysis: censoring, missing and limit of detection
  • Linear and non-linear modeling and regression analysis
  • Longitudinal/functional/multivariate data analysis and related topics
  • Non- and semi- parametric statistics
  • Sequential analysis in biomedical studies
  • Survival analysis


Selected Publications
  • Shen, J., Yuen, K.C., and Liu, C*. (2016) Empirical likelihood confidence regions for one- or two- samples with doubly censored data. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. 93, 285-293
  • Zhang, Z., Liu, C*., Kim, S., and Liu, A. (2014) Prevalence estimation subject to misclassification: the mis-substitution bias and some remedies. Statistics in Medicine.33, 4482-4500.
  • Tian, R., Xue, L., and Liu, C*. (2014) Penalized quadratic inference functions for semiparametric varying coefficient partially linear models with longitudinal data. Journal of Multivariate Analysis. 132, 94-110.
  • Liu, C*., Liu, A., Hu, J., Yuen, V., and Halabi, S. (2014) Adjusting for misclassification in a stratified biomarker clinical trial. Statistics in Medicine. 33(18), 3100-3113.
  • Dong, T., Liu, C*., Petricoin, E.F., and Tang, L. (2014) Combining markers with and without the limit of detection. Statistics in Medicine. 33(8), 1307-1320.
  • Liu, A., Liu, C*., Zhang, Z., and Albert, P.S. (2012) Optimality of group testing in the presence of misclassification. Biometrika. 99(1), 245-251.
  • Liu, C*., Liu, A., and Halabi, S. (2011) A min-max combination of biomarkers to improve diagnostic accuracy. Statistics in Medicine. 30(16), 2005-2014.
  • Liu, A., Li, Q., Liu, C*., Yu, K., and Yu, K.F. (2010) A Rank-based test for Comparison of multidimensional outcomes. Journal of the American Statistical Association. 105(490), 578-587.
  • Liu, C*. and Wang, Q. (2010) Semiparametric estimation for regression coefficients in the Cox model with failure indicators missing at random. Statistica Sinica. 20, 1125-1142.
  • Liu, A., Liu, C*., Li, Q., Yu, K.F., and Yuan V.W. (2010) A threshold sample-enrichment approach in a clinical trial with heterogeneous subpopulations. Clinical Trials. 7(5), 537-545.


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