Visiting / Honorary / Adjunct Professors

Honorary Professor

Professor Shu Chi-wang

Brown University


He is the Chief Editor of the Journal of Scientific Computing, the Co-Chief Editor of Methods and Applications of Analysis, and a member of the editorial boards of Mathematics of Computation, Journal of Computational Mathematics, Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica, Computational Fluid Dynamics Journal, Science China Mathematics, International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling, Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly, Communications in Computational Physics, SEMA Journal, Advances in Water Resources, Journal of Mathematical Research with Applications, ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis (M2AN), Journal of Computational Physics, and Communications in Mathematics and Statistics, the former Managing Editor of Mathematics of Computation (2002-2012), and a former editor of the SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, Chinese Journal of Computational Physics, Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations, and Communications in Applied Analysis. Between 1989 and 2002 he was a consultant at the Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (ICASE), NASA Langley Research Center. He has also been a Guest Professor (since 1995) and a Changjiang Lectureship Professor (2000-2002) of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Science and Technology of China, a former Overseas Assessor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a former Guest Professor of the School of Mathematics of Nankai University, Shanghai University, Yunnan Polytechnic University, Southeast University in China, Nanjing Aeronautic and Space University, and Nanjing University.


Research Interests
  • Numerical solutions of conservation laws and in general convection dominated problems using:
    • Finite difference essentially non-oscillatory (ENO) methods and weighted ENO (WENO) methods
    • Finite element discontinuous Galerkin methods
    • Spectral methods
    • Numerical solution of Hamilton-Jacobi type equations
    • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Numerical solution of equations appearing in semi-conductor device simulations
  • Computational cosmology

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